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Factors affecting field‐scale production of seed of F1

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  1. Factors Affecting on Crop Production Share With Your Agri Friends Crop production is concerned with the exploitation of plant morphological (or structural) and plant physiological (or functional) responses with a soil & atmospheric environment to produce a high yield per unit area of land
  2. Factors affecting seed quality during production and processing: 1. Production factors: a. Selection of suitable climatic region b. Selection of seed plo
  3. Some crops are not amenable to mass production of hybrid seeds for commercial use. Lettuce, for example, has perfect flowers and each floret produces a single seed so emasculating and hand pollinating each flower is not cost effective. Hybrid seeds are produced in some crops using tricks of nature to control the crosses that are made
  4. FACTORS AFFECTING YIELD AND QUALITY OF HYBRID SEED 1. The planting ratio of male and female parents. 2. No: of male flowers used in pollinating one female flower
  5. India is the only major producer of hybrid cotton seed (41). In 1978-79 enough hybrid cotton seed were produced to plant 750,000 ha. The important factor in India's hybrid cotton seed production is an abundance of low-cost labor for hand pollination and individual boll harvest. Difficulties in pollination provide the major obstacle t

Instability of weather conditions, particularly fluctuation in rainfall, is among the chief factors that affect seed production in the region. While some of these constraints directly affect the productivity of the seed sector, other limiting factors are related to policy measures Biotechnological Approaches in Hybrid Seed Production: The conventional F 1 hybrid seed production systems have depended on hand emasculation, genetic, cytoplasmic genetic male sterility and self-incompatibility, etc. In most cases these systems have some disadvantages, involving cost, efficacy, ease of use, reliability and effect of. Factors affecting the growth and production are general Seed priming is an effective technology to enhance rapid and uniform emergence and to achieve high vigor, leading to better stand. Thus the cost of hybrid seed production can be reduced. However, pollination has to be done manually. In cotton, mainly two types of male sterility such as genetic male sterility and cytoplasmic genetic male sterility are used for seed production Hybrid is produced by crossing between two genetically dissimilar parents. Pollen from male parent (Pollen parent) will pollinate, fertilize and set seeds in female (seed parent) to produce F1 hybrid seeds. For production of a hybrid CROSSING between two parents is important, the crossing process will results in heterosis

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Recycling of seed (including maize hybrids) is a common problem, partly because of credit and capital constraints, and partly due to inadequate supply of modern varieties. One major factor limiting increased production and use of improved seed in Ethiopia is the inadequate quantity and quality of foundation seed (FS) Aside from analyzing the adoption levels of certified inbred and hybrid seed technologies, these authors also compared the yields and profitability of technology adopters to non-adopters. Nevertheless, these recent studies do not examine the factors affecting farmer's choice in adopting high quality seeds The market is driven by factors such as necessity to increase food production, increasing acceptance and area under cultivation of GM crops, improvement in Seed Replacement Rate (SRR), and change in science and technology advancements

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Hybrid and High-Yielding

Main difficulties in SI adoption for hybrid seed production are the cost of maintenance of SI lines, depression in SI lines due to continuous inbreeding, effects of environmental factors on the expression of self‐incompatibility, pseudo compatibility, lack of synchronization of flowering (Parkash et al. 2015) Producers of registered seed are also highly specialized and must have considerable experience in seed production. In many crops, the registered seed producer must own certain conditioning equipment. Registered seed is identified by a purple seed label (Figure 10b). Either registered or foundation seed can be used for production of certified seed determining factors that affect maize production were: age, gender, educational level, labour, land, market, farm inputs, transport and infrastructure, and other economic quality hybrid seeds, mechanisms on combating reduction of soil erosion and conservin

F1 hybrid seed will exhibit increased uniformity of type and time of har-vest compared with open-pollinated seed and can exhibit as much as a 20 percent to 40 percent increase in yields over open-pollinated varieties grown under similar condi-tions. The disadvantages of F1 hybrid seed are cost and availability. F1 hybrid seed will be as much as. maximization of profits from the intervention in seed production. 2. ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ONION SEED PRODUCTION Onion seed production is influenced not only by genetic factor but also environmental factors such as temperature, rainfall, soil conditions and presence of beneficial insects A typical seed includes three basic parts: (1) an embryo, (2) a supply of nutrients for the embryo, and (3) a seed coat. The embryo is an immature plant from which a new plant will grow under proper conditions. The embryo has onecotyledon or seed leaf in monocotyledons, two cotyledons in almost all dicotyledons and two or more in gymnosperms

By G. J. Faulkner, Published on 01/01/74. Recommended Citation. Faulkner, G. J., Factors Affecting Field-Scale Production of Seed of F1 Hybrid Brussels Sprouts (1974) Abstract. The environment during seed production has major impacts on the behaviour of progeny seeds. It can be shown that for annual plants temperature perception over the whole life history of the mother can affect the germination rate of progeny, and instances have been documented where these affects cross whole generations SOME LIMITING FACTORS FOR SEED SET IN HYBRID CARROT SEED CROPS 6.1 -LITERATURE REVIEW Female Flower Fertility Pollination and Fertilisation Factors Affecting Seed Set After Fertilisation Conclusion 6.2-MATERIALS AND METHODS Plant Material and Environmental Conditions Modification of Resource Availability for Seed Developmen

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Factors that positively influence producers to switch to hybrid rice seed production from inbred rice seed production were technical training, land availability, loan from banks, water availability in time, favorable weather condition. [19] Indicated that Hybrid rice seed production technology is considered labor and knowledge-intensive. It. Factors Affecting Field-Scale Production of Seed of F1 Hybrid Brussels Sprouts. G. J. Faulkner, National Vegetable Research Station. Abstrac

gence responses of GR hybrid corn (Mycogen 2G681) and its progeny to various environmental and agro-nomic factors. The objectives of this research were to compare (1) the germination of GR hybrid corn and its progeny in response to temperature, light, osmotic stress, and salt stress, and (2) the effect of seed buria Factors that affect the adoption of improved maize varieties by smallholder farmers in Central Oromia, Ethiopia. agricultural technologies, the production was 2.2 tons per hectare in 2008/09 with a potential for 4.7 tons per hectare according to on- farm field trials, when cultivated with fertilizer, hybrid seed, and improved farm. provides valuable insights about the many factors that can affect the adoption of agricultural innovations in general. The survey results show that adoption of improved production technology is directly influenced by three sets of factors Successful corn emergence is a combination of three key factors - environment, genetics and seed quality . Hybrid genetics provide the basis for tolerance to cold stress. High seed quality helps ensure that the seed will perform up to its genetic ability. Pioneer brand corn products are selected to provide the best genetics for consistent. ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this article to learn about the techniques, factors, applications and disadvantages of micro propagation process and also about production of disease-free plants and its merits and demerits. Micro Propagation: Plants can be propagated by sexual (through generation of seeds) or asexual (through multiplication of vegetative parts) means. Clonal propagation refers to the.

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The paper stresses on understanding factors affecting development of sunflower sub sector in Tanzania particularly in Singida rural district, in Singida region. sunflower is one of the most important crops in Singida in improving rural farmers Planting fewer seeds per acre saves money up front, but how does plant population affect yield? A western Nebraska grower plants sugarbeet into a winter wheat cover crop. Planting at the optimum population for your field and conditions can help assure maximum yields without overspending for seed Physiological factors are factors derived from the functional process at the cellular level in plants. All activities conducted by plant cells also affect the process of development and growth in plants. Growth and development will involve a variety of hormones and vitamins. Hormones and functions at each level of growth and development Ortiz & Vuylsteke [9] reported that seed production in plantain cultivars crossed with a wild banana positively correlated with average relative humidity and negatively with total rainfall, indicating that similar or associated factors control the underlying mechanisms of seed production and seed germination in plantain hybrids

Spatial and temporal variation in the seed production of a species and the various factors affecting seed production provide essential information for understanding biotic and abiotic controls on reproduction and for assessing population trends Adeniyi reported that rainfall is one of the most important factors affecting crop production. Bhardwaj [ 3 ] also observed that water greatly influence the yield and quality of vegetables; drought conditions drastically reduced vegetable productivity and tomatoes in particular are considered to be one of the vegetable crops most sensitive to. there are external factors that determine the total supply, or quantity of agricultural goods in the market. With a classmate, name three factors that contribute to the total supply of an agricultural commodity. When these factors are large enough, the supply curve will shift. If, for example, a new hybrid of seed is develope environmental factors also affect seed development and influence seed quality. High quality seeds are the result of good production practices, which include: Proper maintenance of genetic purity Good growing conditions Proper timing and methods of harvesting Appropriate processing during threshing, cleaning and dryin Most sunflower varieties are sold as hybrid seeds, which require cross-pollination between pollen-producing lines and those that lack pollen. The hybrid sunflower seed production industry is worth $26 million annually in the United States (Greenleaf, 2005), and more than 90 percent of seed production occurs in northern California (Lilleboe, 2000)

Factors affecting seed set This year, much the same as last year, there are regions in the sunflower production areas that may once again have lower than expected sunflower seed yields. This can be largely attributed to the difficult season and the occurrence of dull sunflower kernels with poor bushel weight to hybrid maize seeds, age of farm household head and ownership of irrigated lowland were found to be significant factors determining production efficiency at the farm level. Policy implications drawn from the results include setting up of a mechani s affect plant growth and consequently how to manage the crop for best production. Consider the age of the corn in terms of plant development rather than in days. With information regarding specific production practices, the other sections of this publication, will be more easily understood. Let's start with the seed. Corn seed is made up of thre Thus this study investigates current performance and factors possibly explaining the determinant of sesame export. Particular attention is given to price and non price factor affecting sesame export of Ethiopia. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMSesame seed is used for the purpose of bakery and confectionery and it is to produce edible oil production According to Asante-Poku and Angelucci the main factors that have contributed to the increase in Ghana's cocoa production are the support measures of the government-owned cocoa marketing board COCOBOD. These include increases in farm gate prices, introduction of free pest and disease control programmes, the introduction of packages of hybrid.

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Studies have shown that that about 85% of maize farmers in Western Kenya plant local varieties with about 80% using own farm-saved seeds. The production system is characterized by late harvesting, heavy striga infestation, use of local varieties, and low-soil fertility. The objective of this study was to test an on-farm seed production system which would help improve yield and quality of farm. D. Physiographic factors: 1. Topography is the nature of surface earth (levelled or sloppy) is known as topography. Topographic factors affect the crop growth indirectly. 2. Altitude - increase in altitude cause a decrease in temperature and increase in precipitation and wind velocity (hills and plains) 3

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  1. There are many factors that effect the oil palm production, they are: oil palm seeds, oil palm planting area, Government incentives policy, Scientific management measures, scientific knowledge of oil palm planting and professional management team and so on. The detail introduction is as follows: Oil palm production in Malaysia and Indonesia. 1
  2. e the longevity of seeds during storage. These includes seed moisture content, temperature, relative humidity, initial viability, stage of maturity at harvest, storage gas and initial moisture content of seed entering into storage14. High relative humidit
  3. The combined action of these factors can give meaningful protection to planted seed and small seedlings. Cover crop mulches with no-till organic corn are being tested around the state, but this system is not as well understood in corn as in no-till soybeans (see Chapter 11: Rolled Cover Crop Mulches for Organic Corn and Soybean Production )
  4. Modernization of agriculture and increase in usage of hybrid seeds with advanced traits, such as pelleting & seed coating are primary factors that drive the growth globally. Biological & mechanical innovation associated with farms and production of enhanced hybrid varieties are other factors, which supplement the market growth
  5. Sorghum Hybrid Seed Production and Management) TABLe . Composition of the sorghum grain as a fraction of total mass Description Percentage (%) Seed coat 7,3 - 9,3 Embryo 7,8 - 12,1 Endosperm 81,1 - 84,6 Part of panicle Internode of rachis Primary branch Secondary branch with several racemens Node with branche

Factors Affecting Corn Production. There are numerous factors affecting corn production. Corn is a vegetable and a grain that grows with tall grass-like stalk while producing large kernels in a cob. The color of the kernels can be yellow or white. However, kernels mostly have a mix of oranges, yellows, reds, purples and browns So seed rate is commonly less critical to final yield than many of the other factors dealt with in this section. For example, in a study from Sudan, yields did not change much over a 15-fold range of seed rate, because at low seed rates each plant produced more tillers and spikes. But note that final yields were also not very high Chickpea Seed Production Manual Chickpea Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) is the largest produced food legume in South of moisture are the three major abiotic factors affecting fl owering. In general, fl owering is delayed under low temperatures and also under short-days The Philippines hybrid rice seed market is projected to register a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period (2021-2026).The Philippines Hybrid Rice Seed Market is Segmented by Distribution Channel. The report offers market drivers, restraints and value chain analysis of the market. It also offers competitive landscape of major players, most adopted strategies, market opportunities and future.

hybrid maize seed production, so that the effects on plants and seeds of stress factors experienced during various phases of phenological development could be predicted (simulation of hail to study the mechanical damage to foliage and inflorescence) Background. Joseph Gottlieb Kölreuter was the first to document male sterility in plants. In the 18th century, he reported on anther abortion within species and specific hybrids.. Cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) has now been identified in over 150 plant species. Male sterility is more prevalent than female sterility. This could be because the male sporophyte and gametophyte are less. Factors that are affecting the quality of potato seed tuber are; uses of traditional production technology, climatic factors, disease and insect pest, lack of improved storage and absence modern post-harvest handling technologies 4.5 Policy related bottlenecks affecting seed production and deployment 22 5. Factors affecting the deployment of newly released varieties 25 6. Policy implications of the results 27 6.1 Facilitating the establishment and operation of seed companies 27 6.2 Maintaining efficient seed production and processing programs 2

(CRIG), the SPU usually recommends the use of hybrid coca pods and materials (Ghana Cocoa Board, 2012). Cocoa production sometimes experiences setbacks due to factors related to government schemes, environment, yield and stock features of trees (Dand, 1999). In setting up farms; therefore, it is necessary to strive to increase yields in order t LG Seeds utilizes the Milk per Acre calculation as the primary driver in our decision to list a hybrid as Silage Proven. With that being said, other factors do come into play such as starch content, but that factor does not weigh as heavy, as that number can change year to year based on growing conditions and harvest moisture Commercial hybrid carrot seed production is based on the strip method of hybrid seed production in which rows of the pollinator line are alternated with the male sterile line. Within the strip method, varying the ratio of pollinator and male sterile lines between 1 :4 and 4:4 and distance between adjacent male beds between 2.4 to 7 .2m had no. The seasonal differences in the environmental components considerably affect the genotypic expression in the form of phenotypic output of silkworm crop such as cocoon weight, shell weight, and cocoon shell ratio. The variations in the environmental conditions day to day and season to season emphasize the need of management of temperature and relative humidity for sustainable cocoon production

This paper provides a review of studies on the factors that affect EV adoption. These factors are organized as internal and external factors, meaning characteristics of the EV vehicle itself and those that are out of the direct control of EV car manufacturers. Internal factors include battery costs, purchase price, driving range, and charging time Sugar-Beet Seed Production in Southern Utah, with Special Reference to Factors Affecting Yield and Reproductive De- velopment^ By BiON T0LMAN,2 associate agronomist, Division of Sugar Plant Investigations, Bureau of Plant Industry, Soils, and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Research Administration CONTENTS Page Introduction HYBRID VARIETIES AND SAVING SEED. Although most horticulturists and plant breeders do not recommend home gardeners grow their own seed, it's a definite fact that seeds of many vegetables grown under garden conditions will generally prove satisfactory for later planting. Raising and saving seed is obviously not for everyone

Factors Affecting Seed Production in Transgenic Ethylene-insensitive Petunias Donna J. Clevenger1 and James E. Barrett1 Department of Environmental Horticulture, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-0670 Harry J. Klee Department of Horticultural Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-0690 David G. Clark Hybrid seed and chemical fertilizer utilization of the smallholder farmers ought to improve on factors affecting fertilizer adoption and demand and Langyinthuo (undated) on factors affecting improved seed demand. Thus, the objective of this paper is to determine the factors production function (equation 1) is assumed to be a concave. which may affect seed quality, seed movement, and/or their introduction into new geographies. This Guide is intended to serve as a reference document for companies developing individual quality management practices, operating procedures and disciplines in superior varieties or parents for hybrid seed production. Donor or sourc

Many factors may affect reproduction of animal‐pollinated species. In this study, the effects of pollen limitation, attractive traits (flower number, plant height and flower width) and flowering phenological traits (flowering onset, duration and synchrony) on female reproduction, as well as the patterns of variation in fruit and seed production within plants, were investigated in Paeonia. Factors affecting deterioration and their control; Maintenance of genetic purity during seed production, Seed quality; Definition, Characters of good quality seed, Different classes of seed, Production of nucleus & breeder‟s seed, Maintenance and multiplication of pre-release and newly released varieties in self and cross-pollinated crops.

Subject: Agriculture (2nd Year) Courses: Principles of Seed Technolog 2.1.3 Theory of Production Based on Cobb and Douglas (1928), theory of production, the study will attempt to explain the effects of cost of inputs to sustainability of fish farming. According to the theory of production, gross output is affected by the amount of labou in water use and production cost (Bosland & Votava, 1999). Direct (in situ) sowing of peppers requires seed of about 2 kg/ha-1 (Anon., 2000). Seedlings are produced by sowing seed in seed trays under green-house or shade-cloth conditions. Pepper seedlings are ready to be trans-planted after 6 to 8 weeks when the seedlings are 150 to 200 mm tall Research from Ohio and Indiana show that a hybrid planted 30 days late can reduce the necessary growing degree days to reach black layer by 6.8 degrees per day of late planting. This suggests that a hybrid that takes 2600 growing degree days (GDDs) to mature can do so with 200 fewer GDDs when planted 30 days late

income but also as source of food. The present study examines factors affecting production and market supply of haricot bean in Boricha district. Cross sectional data obtained from 165 sample respondents were used to estimate the cob-Douglas production function and supply model. The result of the log linear regression shows i This variation can be attributed to hybrid interactions with weather (e.g., differences in drought and heat tolerance), as well as interactions with nitrogen and plant population. The interaction of hybrid, N rate, and plant population is particularly important since these are three of the factors for which the farmer has the greatest control over Plant breeding - Plant breeding - Hybrid varieties: The development of hybrid varieties differs from hybridization in that no attempt is made to produce a pure-breeding population; only the F1 hybrid plants are sought. The F1 hybrid of crosses between different genotypes is often much more vigorous than its parents. This hybrid vigour, or heterosis, can be manifested in many ways, including. Make sure you account for the entire production system - from seed selection to soil preparation, to planting and weed and pest control, all the way through harvesting - all in one continuous loop of possible decisions you can make. You must strive to optimize all factors, not just eliminate limitations. Learn to exploit the plant itself W., Mwanja and M., Kiwanuka, Factors Affecting Farmers' Adoption of Improved Irish Potato Seed Production Technologies in South Western Uganda (June 30, 2016). International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research (IJASR) ISSN(P): 2250-0057; ISSN(E): 2321-0087 Vol. 6, Issue 3, Jun 2016, 503-512

Seed rate: Seed rate depends upon soil type, germination percentage, time of sowing and method of sowing. 2-2.5 kg of hybrid seeds having germination percentage more than 90% should be used per acre. Sowing & Geometery: Sunflower sowing can be done through planter, dibbling, single row cotton drill and Kera method Agronomy Research 1(2), 229-243, 2003 Some factors affecting seed yield of spring oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) G. Sidlauskas1 and S. Bernotas2 1Lithu an ian Institute of Agriculture, Akademija 5051, Dotnuva p rish, Ked iniai d str., Lithuania, e-mail: gvidas@lzi.lt 2Lithuania n Institute of Agriculture Vezaiciai bra ch, Vezaiciai, LT-5845 Klaipeda distr. The main objective of this study was to analyze factors affecting smallholder common bean production and market participation in Malawi. In particular, the following specific objectives were addressed: i. To analyze factors affecting smallholder farmers' decision to produce common beans. ii Seed which perform well at sowing are termed as quality seed and based on the degree of performance in production of elite seedling it is classified as high, medium and low vigour seed. The difference in seed vigour is the differential manifestation of the deteriorative process occurring in the seed before the ultimate loss of ability to germinate Hybrid seeds are the product of breeding two distinct varieties of a plant into a single, first-generation hybrid strain that has all the desired characteristics of both parent lines, such as drought tolerance or resistance to disease. The new hybrid seeds also benefit from heterosis, also called hybrid vigor, which results in bigger plants and.

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Pollination is the transfer of pollen from a male part of a plant to a female part of a plant, later enabling fertilisation and the production of seeds, most often by an animal or by wind. Pollinating agents are animals such as insects, birds, and bats; water; wind; and even plants themselves, when self-pollination occurs within a closed flower. . Pollination often occurs withi Factors Affecting the Early Production of Processing Tomatoes A thesis presented in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Applied _Science in Plant Science at Massey University New Zealand Helen Yuanming Pan May 199

Hybrid Seed. Cargill Pakistan 850. Rafhan CPC 400 Several biotic and abiotic problem may affect the maize yields depending on many factors i.e. soils, climate and other natural factors. Seed Production and Distribution: In cross pollinated crop like maize, only limited returns will be realized from investment in research if a function. Read Factors affecting intrafruit pattern of ovule abortion and seed production in Hormathophylla spinosa (Cruciferae), Plant Systematics and Evolution on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips

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The seven topics covered in this publication are all integral parts of a successful pumpkin/gourd management program. Each topic is designed to focus on a particular aspect of production and provide the latest management technology for that phase of production. It is hoped that the information contained in this publication will assist growers in improving profitability Factors affecting germination . and emergence 11 References and further reading 14. In the paddock. 15. Calculating sowing rate 15 Calculating seed spacing along . the row 15 Calculating establishment density 16 Calculating growing degree-days (thermal time) 16. Chapter . 2. Vegetative growth 19. Vegetative growth 20 Factors affecting. Hybrid onion seed (Allium cepa L., Alliaceae) is an important pollinator-dependent crop that has suffered yield declines in California, concurrent with increased insecticide use. Field studies suggest that insecticide use reduces pollination service in this system

This system has been widely used in hybrid seed production in onion, sorghum, safflower, corn, and sugarbeet (Chahal and Gosal, 2002), as it overcomes the problems of GMS and CMS. This system imparts a convenience to breeders to control the sterility expression by manipulating the gene-cytoplasm combinations in any selected genotype, and. One such company is Klein Karoo (K2), a seed producing and marketing giant with presence in Africa and around the world. Founded in Oudtshoorn, South Africa, in 2003, K2 has expanded its reach with seed production and business units in southern Africa (Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe), and distribution partners in Asia and Europe least squares procedure was used to analyze factors affecting farmers' allocation of land to improved maize varieties and use of inorganic fertilizer across zones. Germplasm characteristics, production potential of the area, and extension were the most important factors affecting the amount of land allocated to improved maize and us Supply Factors for Corn and Wheat The components of supply are beginning stocks, imports, and production. Corn is the largest feed grain domestically and globally. Corn accounts for over 85 percent of total U.S. feed grain production. The United States is the largest producer of corn in the world, aver-aging 210 million metric tons in 1990-96. The field establishment of grain crops is the percentage of the sown seed that goes on to produce established plants. At sowing, management and environment are the key issues. Factors affecting the establishment percentage include management factors such as depth of sowing, row spacing, seed size and herbicide application as well as environmental factors such as soil moisture and temperature

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Growth stage 0 lasts from planting of the seed up to when the seedling is just visible above the soil surface. Growth stage 10 is reached when the plant is biologically mature (Fig. 2). Growth stage 0: from planting to seed emergence During germination, the growth point and the entire stem are about 25 to 40 mm below the soil surface Using hybrid seeds that are naturally inclined to grow faster, stronger, and with greater efficiency is pivotal to the success of your crops. Non-GMO seeds combine sustainability and cost seamlessly, which accounts for both quality and cost

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Factors for Profitable Production of Seed: The factors which must be kept in mind for profitable seed production enterprises are: 1. Reduction in cost of production. 2. Large size of land on which to produce the three kinds of seeds-certified, foundation and breeders. 3. Isolation from other cultivable lands to get purity. 4 Seed mechanical damage, whether induced by harvesting or conditioning equipment, as well as improper storage conditions are among the factors that adversely affect seed vigor. In addition, genetic factors such as hard-seededness, resistance to diseases, and seed chemical composition influence the expression of seed vigor Analyzing Factors Affecting Implementation Success of Sustainable Human Resource Management (SHRM) using a Hybrid Approach of FAHP and Type-2 Fuzzy DEMATEL, Journal of Cleaner Production (2017), doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2017.06.109 This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication. As a service t

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