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E-String reviews * Indicates required field. Name * First. Last. String * Email * *Other * Tone * Very Bright Bright Neutral Warm Very Warm. Complexity * Very Clean Clean Neutral Rich Very Rich. Projection * Very Quiet Quiet Neutral Loud Very Loud. Overall Quality * 1-Star 2-Stars 3-Stars 4. In my opinion, the two best electric violins are the Cecilio CEVN-1BL blue electric violin and the Vangoa e string violin for sale. These two have parts covered with a 1-year limited warranty which guarantees their quality. Both are made from high-quality maple tonewood and include full kit so you don't have to buy accessories separately The Thomastik Special Program E in a heavy gauge (model number 48T) is really great for small-size violins despite being a full-size string. If you do use them on a small-size violin, you just have to wrap them around the pegs a couple more times or cut them with some sharp scissors Prelude is world renowned violin strings, made using a solid steel core. These strings are preferred by teachers, due to the warm tones it produces and the consistency that it gives to the bow, as they are not affected by heat or humidity. These particular strings are medium tension, are very easy to fit and are extremely durable For me the Larssen tzigane and the Eudoxa E are the most appealing strings in terms of sound quality and modulation. But at the same time they are not the brightest ones and my very dark sounding violin needs something strong in the upper register on the e string. I will try them out in heavy gauge soon, while now sticking to infeld blue E

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The standard choice for synthetic string sets, and the most popular all-around E string. Solid steel core with tin plating. Examples include Pirastro's Silvery Steel E used in Evah Pirazzi, Obligato, Violino, Aricore, Eudoxa, Passione, Passione Solo, Piranito, Pirastro Gold (Wondertone), Synoxa, Tonica, and Wondertone Solo sets The violin E strings are available in three different types: plain steel, plated steel, and wrapped steel. The original is the plain steel E. In recent years, a number of steel E strings plated with various materials like tin, gold, and platinum have been introduced 20) Violin strings set 3/4, 4/4, Full Set beginner violin strings with solid steel violin E String, Ball-End, Medium Gauge For all the beginners and hobbyists, here are very cost-effective and brilliant sounding violin strings for both the ¾ and 4/4 scale It is important to find an E string that matches with your violin. Although the string within one complete set can be good on some violins, some violins will benefit from using a different kind or brand of E. It is worth experimenting. Finding the right E string for your instrument can change the character of your entire instrument The Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold violin strings are some of the most premium violin strings on the market right now. The Evah Pirazzi Gold strings have medium tension and medium gauge, meaning they have the perfect balance between ease of playability, sound project, and brightness of tone

Buying violin strings may seem like a routine that you have to go through every six months to a year, but it doesn't have to be. With the cost of violin strings sets rising every year it's important to make sure that your spending money on the best violin strings for the best value so that you don't spend nearly a hundred dollars on duds. We have you covered in that department 1) Pirastro Obligato - most popular The most popular warm sounding string. A lot of violin players are very enthusiastic about this type of strings. They create a beautiful deep warm and full tone If your electric violin has 5 strings, it may be a little more difficult to find that fifth string. Most string manufacturers offer 4-string sets: E (Mi), A (La), D (Re) and G (Sol). These 4 strings are identical to those of a classical violin. Some manufacturers offer 5-string sets specially designed for electric violins Best Seller. Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String Set - 3/4 to 1/2 Size - Medium Gauge - Ball E Item# 733SB34M $64.66 $49.51. Earn 50 SHAR points! (0) Quick View. Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin E String Item# 730E Starting From: $4.50. Earn 5 SHAR points! (0) Quick View. Choose Options. Best Seller. Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin G String

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Warchal Amber E strings have a lower tension than most E strings. Besides that they have a very innovative design. They solved the squeak, scratch and whistle problems with lots of my violin students and violin shop customers. Personally I use the soft no 1 E-string by Pirastro It depends on lots of factors - the way you play, the characteristics of your violin etc. But E strings are relatively cheap (at least compared to the others) so try a few out. I never liked how the Dominant E sounded on my violin. So I did some r.. E strings are metal. They are steel, gold-plated steel, chrome-plated steel, platinum-plated steel (yep. platinum! BLING!), you get the idea. Some are plain, meaning just the long metal strand, and some are wound with aluminum or such. An E string wound with aluminum will generally give a bit of a softer (in quality, not in volume) type of sound Gauges and Tension. There can be some confusion surrounding string gauge (or gage) and tension for bowed stringed instruments. To help you to determine the best strings for your particular violin, viola, cello, or double bass, we will attempt to present facts and brief definitions of gauge and tension, as well as explanations for how their different properties can result in different tonal.

http://www.reddesertviolin.com It happens to everyone! Now find out what you can do about it!If you like the information given here, come get more at: http:.. In the opening section, use fourth finger for the high E (instead of the E string) because you don't have any notes higher than E. Practice those G to A slurs to make sure your bow arm is creating the slur cleanly between the D and A strings. Click here for the violin sheet music. Hotel Californi

E string - I love it, but it doesn't last long. I tried a Gold Label but like I said I found it too weak. I'm going to try a Jargar E for my next set. A string is one of the best A's I've used. it starts out slightly metallic like the other strings, but then becomes a really nice A string. Really reliable. D string is amazing 5 Thomastik Peter Infeld 4/4 Violin Strings Set with Platinum E - Best Professional Violin Strings. We return to Vienna, not a bad place to be if you play the violin, for another string option from Thomastik. A special set for the company as it is named after the man who ran the business for many years

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  1. Kaplan E's; NS Electric Violin Strings; Prelude Violin Strings; Pro-Arte Violin Strings; Zyex Violin Strings; Dogal Violin Strings; Fortune Violin Strings; Goldbrokat Violin Strings; Hill Violin Strings; Jargar Violin Strings > Jargar Original; Jargar Superior; Larsen Violin Strings > Il Cannone; Larsen; Tzigane; Virtuoso; Pirastro Violin.
  2. If you have a new violin or just plain confused about which E string will sound best on your violin with whatever else you have on it currently, then you are a perfect candidate to buy our VSESP!! What the heck is a V-SESPyou ask!! It means simply: Very Special E String Packet
  3. When you put one of the best violin bridges in their place, you have to make sure that the g and e strings come from their designated sides. If you do not recognize which string is which, put the violin head to face your body. The E-string is the farthest to the right, while the g is farthest to the left
  4. Violin Fingering E String Tips. Tip #1 - The number assigned to each finger is not the same as with other musical instruments (yes, that includes the piano as well).Memorize each finger on your left hand with it's specific numbered finger on the violin. Tip #2 - Remember most sharp and flat notes will be played with the same finger as the original note, only a half-step higher for sharps, and.
  5. ants). The violin also comes as an outfit with a case, carbon fiber bow.
  6. Here below my good starting measurements which might fit most of you to guarantee to get the best out of your instrument: for Violin: 4 mm on E string, 5.5 - 6 mm on G string. for Viola: 4.5 - 5 mm up to 7 - 8 mm. for Cello: 4 - 5 mm / 8 - 10 mm. for Doublebass: 7 mm up to 12 mm. Watch my video on the perfect string height

On the E and A strings, the middle finger is close to the first finger, whilst the third finger is a whole note away. Think: stretched, close, stretched. However, we've not included the third finger's note on the E string, because G is where the scale ends. Note Readin Choosing the best violin. String instruments are individuals, and even if it is the same violin model, it can sound and feel different, therefore buying your violin from a shop that specializes in string instruments is a very good idea

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The best model is crafted to have the same feel as an acoustic violin, making it easy for a player to transition between the two. Our favorite, the Realist RV-4 Pro E Series Acoustic/Electric.. Plain gut E strings are primarily used by baroque violin players. Since they lack an outer protective wrapping, they wear very quickly. They have a thin sound and generally sound nicer when the violin is tuned below A440. The Pirastro Chorda is the most popular of these Originally, violin strings were made of gut. In the 18th century, violinists began to use G strings wound with metal wire in order to improve their tone. Gradually, people began to use wound D and A strings too. Each violin string had a core of gut, and the E string was still usually all gut Most players will put the variety of string on the instrument, while some experienced players like to use particular strings in the E slot for tonal reasons. Violin companies Hill and Westminster make E strings available separately from their respective sets and are popular inexpensive choices to experiment with If you do not have a fine tuner on your E string then you will need to get the Ball End E string. Violin Strings are something you will replace more then anything else. You will most likely spend more money on these four lightweight wires that come in a small paper package then you will on music, and perhaps even bow re-hairs

Kaplan violin E strings use a precision plating process to provide the traditional rich sound expected from high-quality steel E strings. These gold-plated violin E strings provide a rich, vibrant tone for a variety of musical needs Strings made from steel became popular at the dawn of the 20 th century. The E string on the violin was the first to transition from having a catgut core to a steel core. Steel E strings come in three different varieties: plain, plated, and wrapped steel. The plain steel strings are made of just that—a pure steel core · Loop-end E-strings work best with a tuner that has a single prong. Ball-end E-strings work with tuners with a double prong. · Gut core strings end in a knot and a loop of gut and are not designed to be used with a fine tuner. Steel strings are typically used on student instruments, and also by fiddle players To practice keeping your violin bow on the correct string plane, your straight bow and greasy elbow techniques will come in handy. Try this: Play a basic rhythm on your open E string, then stop. Deliberately move your elbow (using your shoulder) to place the bow on the A string, and play the same rhythm. Deliberately stop again. Use the. A beginner's E string playing sounds like mice being harrowed by nails on glass. Most non-violinists don't like it much either. It's impossible for them to tell true pitch from scratch. But you, as a violinist, acclimate to the sound of the E stri..

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  1. ant 4/4 Size Violin Strings at Musician's Friend. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items
  2. Helicore violin strings are crafted with a multi-stranded steel core, resulting in optimal playability while producing a clear, warm tone. These strings are known for their quick bow response and excellent pitch stability, making them a go-to choice for players of all musical styles
  3. Got a new violin recently and broke the E string while tuning. I bought a new E string and tried to string it but it looks kind of weird in the peg box. Does it matter very much if it the colored part loops over each a bit? It looks kind of messy compared to the other strings
  4. The Amber E string is based on the newest unique invention (Patent Pending PP 50023-2013) which increases the longitudinal elasticity of the string and results in a significant sound improvement and no whistling
  5. Wittner String Adjusters, Violin and Viola $1.84 - $5.65 Single or Double Hole Tourte Mute
  6. ant A and Goldbrokat E string. Nathan Milstein : a Eudoxa G&D, plain gut A and Goldbrokat E in the 1960's. Zino Francescatti : Eudoxa G, Kaplan Silver D, Eudoxa A and Goldbrokat Medium E
  7. Go to previous slide - Best Selling. D'Addario Prelude Violin String Set, 4/4 Scale Medium Tension. 4.9 out of 5 stars (25) Total Ratings 25, Yehudi Violin Strings 4/4 Set E a D G Hot Dog Wins Race 44 Dodgers 8 Brewers 1. 4.7 out of 5 stars (106) Total Ratings 106, 95% agree - Would recommend
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The violin steel Gold Label E string is popular for its brilliance, we use it to create the JSI Special Violin Set. Oliv by Pirastro for Violin , Viola , Cello and Bass are moderately brilliant sounding wound gut core strings with rich and complex overtones due to the low tension Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Peter Infer Violin String (Rose String) (E Line Platinum Plating) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products And, as most of our sellers offer free shipping - we think you'll agree that you're getting this e string violin at one of the best prices online. We've always got the latest tech, the newest trends, and the most talked about labels. On AliExpress, great quality, price and service comes as standard - every time..

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The violin strings are named after music notes, and the notes are G, D, A, and E respectively (each string being higher than the previous one, going from left to right). The strings are hooked into the fine-tuners in the lower-half of the violin body The violin is typically a solo instrument but you CAN play chords on a violin. Here are 7 violin chord chart diagrams for beginners to learn. whichever suits you best. D Major has finger 1 on the G string to play an A, finger 2 playing F# on the D string and your third finger playing D on the A string and A on the E string. Don't play.

D'Addario Kaplan violin E strings offers high quality and rich tone and are available in either wound steel or Aluminium, or gold plate. D'Addario Zyex is another synthetic core violin string which offers a rich and warm tone best suited for well-balanced or bright instruments Do you need violin strings? Visit our music store for a wide variety of violin strings. Violin strings can significantly affect the sound of your instrument are made of several different types of materials: all-metal, synthetic-core and gut-core. You may want to experiment with different brands of violin strings to determine the sound you like best on your violin

Electric Violin Volume Measurements. Peak volume was measured in decibels while playing on the E string, loudly, with the bow. For comparison, an intermediate acoustic violin with metal practice mute was 80 db, and an electric guitar played loudly with a pick was 78 db. Electric violins with headphone jack: Ted Brewer Vivo --- 7 The violin is a bowed string instrument i.e. the instrument produces sound when a bow is drawn across the violin's strings. Depending on the technique used to draw the bow , the resulting sound can ring in the air for a long period or it can be short 5 Best Electronic Music Tracks Produced with Melodic Violin Sounds. Sometimes the biggest and best electronic dance music pieces need some big bold violin strings to go with them. Orchestral pieces and melodic violin has been used in these techno pieces to create amazing songs This is a full-sized violin that offers a full range of beautiful tones. It has a mahogany body and ebony fingerboard. This violin comes with a case, extra strings, rosin, and headphones

This ensures the string length will match the violin's scale length. Strings also come in a wide range of quality. For new violinists, the best violin strings for a beginner should be a well recognized brand. As you progress as a musician, your tastes will become more refined and allow you to be more selective about your string choices. Some. Second, violinists sometimes slightly touch the E string with the left index finger (with the side of the finger, just above the nut) at the moment of changing to the E string. Whistling is also is a challenge for many professionals. Some instruments are simply sensitive to whistling on the E string - even the best violins FULL SIZE VIOLIN STRINGS: 4 /4 SET and 3 /4 violin strings is the same size, scale includes: G D A E Medium Gauge, Ball End. The violin string is Stainless Steel. VERSATILE - Suitable for beginners to advanced players, full size 4 4 and 3 4 size violins

Lenzner Goldbrokat Violin E Strings for violin are designed keeping the needs and requirements of beginners in mind; however it is also commonly used in form of mixed sets by solo musicians and several professional violinists. The Goldbrokat E strings offer an edgy and bright tone whereas the playability of the string is responsive Pirastro steel core violin strings are available in three different varieties of sets as well as single non whistling E strings. Pirastro Flexocor violin strings feature a steel rope core, making them rounder and warmer sounding than other steel strings. These Pirastro strings project well and are the easiest steel string to play It's hard to find a warm sounding E string for violin because it is such a high note, but as for clarity there are a few brands I recommend. I personally use Pirastro Tonica strings, but I have..

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For further information concerning E-strings please refer to: E-strings. E-strings: a regular steel E-string is also available. A-chrome steel: impervious to hand perspiration, brighter sound than A-aluminum. D-aluminum: very warm sound. Violin Strings for ZMT: These are specialized, elongated G strings, custom made for ZMT E-goldsteel: more brilliant and powerful sound than Silvery Steel E-string. This string also sounds different than Oliv and Obligato goldsteel E-strings. See also E-strings. Violin Strings for ZMT: These are specialized, elongated G strings, custom made for ZMT. If you are interested in these strings please contact us The best place on the web to buy Electric Violins, from a large selection of top brand names including Yamaha, NS Design, Bridge, and more. Free shop setup on all instrument purchases

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The G-string is also available with an upper winding of pure silver, which makes the sound more like gut strings. The G Silver Sound for violin is often combined with the normal E, A and D strings as a set to create a warmer and more round sound Violin Pros is the global orchestra division of long-standing music store, Haggerty's Music of Rapid City, SD. Since 1979, we have been committed to providing the best experience to students, providing high quality instruments, step-up programs, and outstanding sales and service

For very bright sounding violins, Tzigane strong tension is the ideal choice The easiest problem to fix is the leaning bridge. An ill-tended violin bridge almost always leans forward (toward the scroll) because the turning of the pegs, combined with the grooves in the winding of the strings, pulls it that way. The exception is on the E string side, where the fine tuner tends to pull that side of the bridge back

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Thomastik Dominant strings are the most popular violin strings for beginners at a low cost. Made for fiddle players and classical musicians alike, Dominant strings are durable synthetic-core nylon and wound with aluminum, tin, or silver. Instructors often rate Dominant Strings as the best violin strings for a smoother and brighter tone. Red Labe The quality of these is so much better than I expected, said strings educator Miriam Kammen, referring to the 18 violin outfits assembled in the Strings studio for inspection by a panel of professional players and teachers. Times have changed since Strings' 2001 roundup of student violin outfits.The good news for consumers: the tsunami of stringed instruments being imported from China.

Pirastro Gold Violin String, E. £6.51 £4.74 Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Violin String, A. £24.48 £17.84 Recently Added: VIENNA Double bow case. £76.80 VIENNA Single Bow Case . £68.16 Jakob Winter Oblong Violin Case, 'German Masters' £571.13 £524.29 Jakob Winter Oblong Violin Case, 'German Masters DSK Strings is a classic Violin VSTi instrument available for PC. You can play full 2 layer sounds, or 2 different instruments in the same instance. It can create 2 layers, 22 waveforms & Octave select and micro-detuner Effects (Delay, flanger) plus midi automation Now for those who are more skillful with the instrument, the Thomastik Vision Titanium solo violin strings are an ideal choice. Delivering top-notch tuning stability, these strings have low tension, and the E string is titanium wound

Happy with A, D and G not so with E 27 out of 28 found the following review helpful Pros: Very warm tone on G, D and A string. occasional bright pro sound on E string. Cons: Every E string so far whistles with bow crosses from A string to greater or lesser degrees. This can make a perfect performance not so perfect Or you play a chord in Bach and the open E string whistles. This whistling is not due to poor bowing technique: I have heard the best violinists in the world whistle their open E-strings. The whistling open E string is caused by the string vibrating in a torsional (twisting) motion rather than the normal Helmholtz (transverse or sideways) motion Slurred String Crossing. beginner. Shifting Exercises. Shifting is one of the great things about violin playing but also one of the most troublesome techniques we encounter. Not much is more exciting than that big shift up to the glorious high note at the end of a big crescendo, but it can be fraught with danger. You can just feel where.

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D'Addario Prelude Violin E String Options available $5.49 View Options; D'Addario Prelude Violin A String Options available $6.49 View Options; Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold Violin String Set Options available $100.38+ View Options; Thomastik Peter Infeld 4/4 Size Violin Strings Options available $10.00+ View Option The Il Cannone E string, now available with a dedicated loop option, is made using a unique carbon steel, while the A, D and G strings build on a new, synthetic multi-filament core. The A string is wound with precision rolled aluminium flat wire and the D and G strings are wound with pure silver. Il Cannone A Option The lower three strings (A, D, G for violin or D, G, C for viola) will ALWAYS have ball-ends in the synthetic and steel brands, so you won't need to worry about those. The E string (or A string, in the case of the viola), however, will either have a loop or a ball end. Some brands have removable ball strings

Professional Venezuelan Cuatro | Musical InstrumentsStradivarius vioinsHardanger fiddle | Helland, KEpiphone 1958 Goth Explorer Black | ReverbNessun Dorma for solo Cello arranged By Ilse de ZiahPhilippe Hirschhorn (Violin) - Short Biography30 AmericansAlter Ego: A Decade of Work by Anthony

Improve your Violin Sound by Adjusting the Bridge! You can do much more than finding the best strings for your violin. Most violinists should learn to ADJUST the POSITION of the BRIDGE to find the best sound. There are three things you can do to the bridge to improve your violin's sound! I. ROCK the TILTING BRIDG Optima Goldbrokat Premium Violin E Strings $2.89 - $4.99 D'Addario Prelude Violin Strings @Tim The violin E string is considerably thinner and at higher tension than the other strings. There isn't considered to be a problem with the next thinnest, tight string, the A string. The highest string on the viola is also an A string and so is also less likely to have the same cutting problems as the violin E string Rondo Violin D-STRING RO03A 4/4 Synthetic core Silver wound. €36.53. Add to Cart. Rondo Violin E-STRING RO01 4/4 Carbon steel Tin plated. €10.40. Add to Cart. Rondo Violin G-STRING RO04 4/4 Synthetic core Silver wound. €36.53. Add to Cart. Rondo Violin Set RO100 4/4 . €108.56. Add to Cart. Sho The tuning peg for A will be top right when facing your violin. E string. The final string in your violin is E and it is set at 659.26Hz. The E string is the finest string on your violin and the one on the right. It is also known as Mi. Some violins will have fine tuners on all strings while others will just have a fine tuner on E Violin Pros is the global orchestra division of long-standing music store, Haggerty's Music of Rapid City, SD. Since 1979, we have been committed to providing the best experience to students, providing high quality instruments, step-up programs, and outstanding sales and service. Hours of Operation. Tuesday 9am-6pm. Wednesday 9am-6pm. Thursday.

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