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There are two types of OTC Archery Elk Tags; Either Sex or Bull Elk Only. The 2021 OTC Archery season will be Sept. 2 - 30. There are OTC Archery tags available for 122 Either Sex GMUs and 51 Antlerless Elk GMUs on public land. There is much overlap, but there are 124 total OTC Archery Elk GMUs on public land In Colorado, only some of the State Trust Lands are open to public hunting as opposed to most other western states where most state lands are open to hunting. Colorado Parks and Wildlife obtained access to 550,000 acres (State Trust Lands in Colorado totals nearly 3,000,000 acres) by leasing the land Colorado Either Sex Archery OTC Units - The beauty part about OTC archery hunting in Colorado is that you can hunt any over the counter units, which are found in abundance across much of the state. With this in mind, reference this map to see which units are available for OTC archery hunting Archery, Elk Hunting, Rifle - September 15, 2020 3 Strategies For Killing a Colorado Public Land Elk in 2020 - By Adam Parr As we move into the middle of September with two weeks of archery remaining and four rifle seasons knocking at the door, it's safe to say elk hunting is currently in full swing

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Good cow hunting exists in the higher elevations of this unit. The land is 70 percent public and has a success rate of 25 percent. Elk tend to concentrate on the north side of the Douglas Pass during archery season. It's important to note that this area is home to a lot of bears Hunting The mission was a Colorado/Wyoming public-land archery elk hunt with over-the-counter tags. There were three of us — two with Colorado tags and one with a stamp from the Cowboy state. Hunting on Colorado's northcentral border was our best option, since it would cut down on drive time between states and give us more time in the field

Jim Brennan shows off his 2019 public-land Colorado bull. Jim Brennan He has a knack for winning on public land and doesn't shy away from hunting over-the-counter (OTC) units Public land per hunter . What it tells you: Roughly how crowded a unit is. The more public land per hunter, the more space you should have to get away from the crowd. What doesn't tell you: If all that public land holds elk. It might look like unit 3 or 60 are amazing, but in reality most if it is desert land 10 Best Public Lands for Elk (And How to Hunt Them) The kings of the deer family thrive on large ranges of land. Many public areas offer plenty of room for both elk and the hunters who roam for them Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. The agency manages 42 state parks, all of Colorado's wildlife, more than 300 state wildlife areas and a host of recreational programs. CPW issues hunting and fishing licenses, conducts research to improve wildlife management activities, protects high priority wildlife. Colorado Public Land. This hunt will be another wilderness pack-in horseback hunt. You will be hunting in very steep terrain and at high altitude (9,000-12,000 ft). There are a TON of bulls on this hunt as well. Every client we placed last year had shot opportunities on bulls and raved about the outfitter and his area

Our 2019 Colorado OTC public land archery elk hunt was one for the books! We ran this mountain for three days chasing bulls with a few mishaps and wind switc..

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Hunting pressure is heavy. Hunters will have better success and enjoy more solitude by walking into remote areas. Hunting pressure may create refuge situations on the private lands in GMUs 13, 131, 214 and 441. Public hunting in GMUs 13 and 131 is limited to a few small parcels of BLM land and some State Trust Land parcels Elk Hunts We currently offer fully-guided private land archery, muzzleloader, and rifle elk hunts at five different locations throughout the state of Colorado: Cripple Creek, Eastern Plains, Montrose, Cross Mountain Ranch, and Four Mile Ranch The elk herd is well distributed with good hunting success expected. Elk are scattered throughout the forest and on private lands. Most elk stay at higher elevations (8500- 10,000ft) in thick timber and oakbrush Semi-Guided Archery Elk Hunt The semi-guided hunt allows you to hunt on established stands and blinds on both private (~2,000 acres) and public lands. This is a stand-hunt only, but we provide transportation to and from stand locations each hunt. Self-Guided Archery Elk Hunt For more experienced hunters, the non-guided hunt is another option. In addition to our excellent resident elk herds, hunting pressure on nearby public lands causes more elk to migrate onto land that is leased & permitted by Western Outdoor Adventures. Our elk hunting areas are in 4-point or better all game management units, thereby increasing your chances of taking a mature bull elk

Colorado Public Land OTC Elk Hunting Colorado is divided up into hunting areas called game management units (GMUs). And since the elk population continues to thrive in the Rocky Mountain state, over-the-counter elk tags are easy to get. Because tags are so accessible, the hunting pressure can be higher than any other western state It is open to public use such as camping, hiking, and hunting just like the NF land, so feel free to camp on it. Regarding the hunting units, I have no experience with 22 but I have successfully found elk on public lands in 211 in all seasons (archery through late rifle). There will be other hunters, as well The best times to hunt in this unit are in the first and second rifle, usually determined by the snowfall in the area. Snow usually forces the elk to migrate to lower regions of the unit. For the same reason, the area is poor for archery hunting. In the warmer seasons, the elk and deer are far apart and fewer in number During elk hunting in Colorado you may need some hunting equipment like Climbing Tree Stand to know more you can check out our blog about it. Unit 13: Offers Fully Guided Archery and Rifle Hunts. The hunting Colorado Elk Unit 13 is typically classified as land that covers just about 363 square miles

Craig, Colorado, in the northwestern corner of Colorado and Moffat County, is often referred to as the Elk Hunting Capital of the World. With one of the largest elk herds among the 280,000 statewide elk population, Craig is a popular destination for elk hunters. As of the 2000 census, the population of Craig was. This video is a day by day account of our 2019 Idaho September DIY Archery Elk Hunt. With several close encounters and a couple of missed opportunities we f.. Archery and Muzzleloader elk hunting is as good as it gets and frankly it is our favorite time of year! Our guides are passionate about it and live for it! All have years of experience with calling elk too. We offer 4 weeks of Archery Hunting every fall with each being a full 5 day hunt

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Elk tags are available over the counter on the 2011 season during Archery, the 2nd season or the 3rd rifle elk season. This is a cabin in prime elk country. The private land is nestled in the middle of huge area of public land which give you unlimited hunting Guide to Hunting in Colorado 1961 elk hunting trip. With a valid hunting or fishing license, you can access more than 348 state wildlife areas. There's also numerous state parks, national forests and BLM land. People from all over the world venture to Colorado to hunt big game. There are three main seasons depending on your firearm A friend and I are in the infant stages of planning a Colorado elk hunt for September 2020. This will be an OTC public land archery hunt. At this point I'm not worried about where to hunt so much as what to bring. This will be a 10 day backcountry hunt. Ideally the daily routine would be wake up..

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  1. Colorado elk hunting public land: Success in unit 61. We got two bulls, a large 6x5 and a 6x4. It was an amazing Colorado elk hunting public land experience
  2. Elk Hunting in Colorado GMU 65 - Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, and Ouray Counties. A unit may have 80% public land, but a particluar species may only occupy 20% on the entire area. The new Leupold FullDraw 3 delivers archery specific performance in an incredibly compact package. With features tailored to the modern archer, we take the.
  3. I am doing some research to help me decide whether to do a guided public land or private land archery elk hunt In Colorado. I'm from the northeast, have been whitetail hunting for about 6 years, and 2 years ago had my one and only foray for elk by undertaking a DIY 2nd season OTC hunt with my uncle
  4. Public land in Colorado encompasses more than 23 million square miles of public land, creating a multitude of opportunities for successful hunts without the need to have established relationships with area landowners. There are also Ranching For Wildlife properties, as well as private lands, available for hunting

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This will be an OTC public land archery hunt. At this point I'm not worried about where to hunt so much as what to bring. This will be a 10 day backcountry hunt. Ideally the daily routine would be wake up pack up camp find elk and chase them until it is time to set up camp again at night Unit 18 had 1496 hunters surveyed or roughly 2.3 hunters per square mile. Unit 16 is a smaller unit at ~320 Square miles and had 664 hunters surveyed or ~2 hunters per square mile. However, when you consider % public land 18 is 88.7% public land, which is roughly 573 square miles with ~2.6 hunters per square mile I went for my first otc diy solo archery trip in Colorado for 2 weeks. You can look at all the harvest/hunter success rates blah blah. It's pretty much pick and choose. Make sure there is plenty of public land, make a dozen well studied hunting spots, commit and go from there. You never know what the hunting pressure is going to be until you. Since 1984 AEI Guide and Outfitter has been guiding archery elk hunters through the Colorado high country for the ultimate encounter with a monster bull elk. Our success on guided hunts is considerably above the statewide average with our average shot opportunity hovering around 70%

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In-state hunters will need a valid Colorado Hunter Safety card, along with the proper tag. The 2019 elk hunting seasons varies by choice of archery, muzzleloading or rifle. Archery is first, followed by muzzleloading and rifle last Here are some options for elk hunting in Colorado directly from trusted outfitters 7 Day Elk Drop Camp Colorado, United States 10 Package price $1,750 for 7 days, 1 hunter Archery/Black Powder Elk Drop Camp Colorado, United States 10 Package price $1,750 for 10 days Buy BLM and Forest Service Maps for western public lands. Explore your public lands in Colorado. Our map features recreation sites on public lands throughout the state across public land management agencies. Find your next hike or camping destination, decide where to fish, climb, hunt, make the most of the snow, enjoy the water, or plan a roadside picnic along a scenic driv The Elk Nut DVD's were helpful but the iPhone app sure came in handy as well. I fine tuned my bow and regularly practiced out to 80 yards. I was successful on my archery elk hunt and brought a 5x5 home with me. I only seen one other elk in two weeks of straight hunting and it was a spike that I called in. I was pretty disappointed in the lack. Learn everything about hunting Colorado Elk Unit 71. View Harvest Reports, Draw Odds, Preference Points, Regulations, Elevation, Maps, Vegetation Analysis, really anything pertaining to hunting Elk this fall! Plus you can go 'Premium' and get 5 year stats and access to premium content

Elk Hunting in Colorado GMU 71 - Dolores and Montezuma Counties. The elk population is holding steady and herds are at objective levels. Animals are distributed widely throughout the eastern portion of the unit. Elk will move quickly into thick aspen, evergreens, and rugged terrain with hunting pressure. Public land and private land. Elk - Guided/Public Land - Fully Accommodated Kiowa Hunting Service offers public land elk hunts in Carson National Forest, Lincoln National Forest, Gila National Forest, and Cibola National Forest. Carson National Forest - Unit 51 and Unit 5 I just did a 2nd season rifle elk hunt in a unit with 28% odds and never saw an elk on public land. There are far too many variables to determine a 'best' unit to try and plan this far ahead. Weather is a huge factor. Our unit was unseasonable warm and dry for spring and summer and it pushed the elk into the irrigated alfalfa fields on private. Learn everything about hunting Colorado Elk Unit 85. View Harvest Reports, Draw Odds, Preference Points, Regulations, Elevation, Maps, Vegetation Analysis, really anything pertaining to hunting Elk this fall! Plus you can go 'Premium' and get 5 year stats and access to premium content

Colorado offers some of the best elk hunting in the world on 23 million acres of public hunting land, boasting an estimated 285,000 elk. AEI Guide and Outfitter's base camp lays in Game Management Unit (GMU) 55. The altitude surrounding AEI's base camp varies from 8,000 feet to more than 13,000 feet, giving us a vast array of terrain options. Just north of Pagosa Springs, this hunting land sits at an elevation of 8000', and is bordered by US Forest Service public land. We offer 3 hunts per year at the Snowball Ranch, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 hunters per date slot

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Learn everything about hunting Colorado Elk Unit 78. View Harvest Reports, Draw Odds, Preference Points, Regulations, Elevation, Maps, Vegetation Analysis, really anything pertaining to hunting Elk this fall! Plus you can go 'Premium' and get 5 year stats and access to premium content $2,400 DIY Archery hunt. North West Colorado Archery Elk Hunt in GMU 231: Access through private land to limited access federal land DIY elk hunt with the largest elk herd in the world (40,000+ animals) This unit has unlimited Over The Counter Tags

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Elk Rifle and Archery tags are still available over the counter even after the draw in April. Please call for details about our Fall Mountain Lion hunts. These start in November and run until the unit quota is met. We have 3 hunts available each year @ $5,000.00 Now Booking for 2021 23 Responses to Hunting Colorado Elk On Public Land WildBoneOutdoors September 17, 2012 at 4:54 pm # MrAlpineArcher, its only retarded if you don't hunt hard enough to find more elk and I don't get how passing a few other bulls is greedy Colorado unit 41/411 OTC Archery Elk. Thread starter isu22andy; Start date Jul 4, 2020; Jul 4, 2020 #1 While a bunch of it is private land ,theres a couple good chunks of public up along the mesa. I understand the mesa gets pounded by ATV traffic but was wondering if 41/411 was as bad with hunting pressure. Looks like plenty of water and. Archery -over the counter either sex Elk Tags Muzzleloader - draw 2-3 pts. Bull Tag / 0 pts. Cow Tag 7 Day Archery Package 5 Days Of Hunting $1,800 / Horse Camp / 4 hunter minimum $1,000 / ATV Camp / No minimum Rifle 1st season (elk only draw no points required) Rifle 2nd combo Elk over the counter / Deer (draw 2-3pts. Below is a screenshot of Filtering 2.0 showing all 122 units that have an over the counter archery elk hunt. And now below, here is the same over the counter archery elk opportunities, with a 20% or greater public land percentage applied. You'll see how easily it can be to start to narrow down hunts using Filtering 2.0

Over two-thirds of Idaho is accessible public land, so elk and elk hunters have plenty of room to roam here. Wyoming Non-residents who want to hunt elk in Wyoming need to apply for a general elk tag, which is not guaranteed every season.There's a cap on the number of general non-resident elk tags made available in Wyoming each year Learn everything about hunting Colorado Elk Unit 1. View Harvest Reports, Draw Odds, Preference Points, Regulations, Elevation, Maps, Vegetation Analysis, really anything pertaining to hunting Elk this fall! Plus you can go 'Premium' and get 5 year stats and access to premium content

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  1. Im planning to head out west for the 2021 season for an OTC Archery hunt. Im looking through the map and Im having a bit of confusion on a handful of the units. On the map it highlights units 4,5,12,23,24,33 and 441 as valid, private land only. Under the list of huntable units next to the map it..
  2. If you were born on or after January 1, 1949, you must have a hunter education card or certificate before applying for or purchasing a license in Colorado. For more information go to the Department's website: Colorado Hunter Education. For complete information on Colorado Hunting Seasons visit: Colorado Parks & Wildlife Hunting Season
  3. Personally i live in Colorado and i wouldn't waste ($2000) for access. You can spend that same coin down in New Mexico on Landowner Tag and hunt a much healthier herd of elk and on public land with far less pressure
  4. Top 25 Public-Land Elk Hunts. This state-by-state guide to the best public-land elk hunts in America includes information on specific units, tags requirements, and deadlines
  5. Part of this operation is conducted on Public Lands under special permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. 2021 Colorado Big Game Learn all there is to know about hunting Colorado Big Game including payment deadlines, revised seasons and new license options

archery elk hunting colorado, find lightly hunted areas, especially in archery season. While you're hunting in area the crown jewel of Colorado elk hunting. 18. The Gunnison National. This is the best opportunity of success for a DIY hunt in Colorado. DIY on private land hunts begin as low as $550 and go up to $ 950. Good DIY property is difficult to find, usually it means over crowed public land or the poorest private land hunting on the ranch. Well this outfitter is different. This outfitter not only provides you with the whole ranch in prime Colorado big game area but. Note the November 3-11 is open and this is the best time for deer and elk for rifle hunters. Elk and Deer DIY with Cabin on Prime Elk property for a DIY hunt north of Craig Colorado in the states Famous Elk Bowl. DIY Access on Private & Public Land plus cabin Lodging for only $995 per person in a party of 4! You can hunt deer and or elk it is all the same lodging price *** All Hunts Are DIY Non-Guided Trespass only Hunts on Private Land Private Ranches *** SPECIAL DIY HUNT IN AN AREA THAT HAS NEVER HAD DIY HUNTING BEFORE! This North West Corner of Colorado has more elk than Wyoming and Montana Combined! Colorado has 300,000 elk and 2/3rds of them are in this corner of the state. Not to down play the deer hunting 200 plus class monsters are taken every year.

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colorado archery elk hunting units, lightly hunted areas, especially in archery season. While you're hunting in these units area the crown jewel of Colorado elk hunting. 18. The Gunnison. Our 2019 Colorado OTC public land archery elk hunt was one for the books! We ran this mountain for three days chasing bulls with a few mishaps and wind

FIRST TIME Public Land Idaho Archery Elk Hunt - Our Experience. Josh Pflasterer and Dylan Sackschewsky head to Idaho for the very first time to bow hunt elk on some breathtaking public land. We spend 9 days living off our backs and learn so much about elk hunting every single day of the hunt BOWHUNTING ELK: TWO PUBLIC LAND BULLS IN 37 HRS - Easton Archery Zach and Evan go on a Public Land do it yourself Archery Elk Hunt and take two Bulls in 37 Hours when the odds of killing a Bull Elk are only 7 If you choose to use us as your Elk hunting outfitter, you will be hunting in Rifle units 16/17/171 (archery is a state wide over the counter tag, so no unit is assigned) located in historic Jackson County, CO. This region is comprised of over a million acres and holds one of the strongest elk migration routs in the state of Colorado

Colorado public land hunt « on: March 29, 2020, 06:53:10 PM » Yo Me and my buddy's are planning an elk hunt in Colorado what are things your supposed to do Game Management Unit 13 regulates hunting opportunities in Colorado and covers 231,733 acres.Check out the public land access and historical weather This isn't a typical how-to elk hunting guide—these are a collection of lessons learned in my two short yet successful archery seasons hunting elk in over-the-counter (OTC) units in Colorado. Expect plenty of hiking (and rugged landscape) on a DIY elk hunt. Michael Herne, Coffee or Die Magazine Rule 1: Go Earl

The 2018 OTC Archery season was Aug. 25 - Sept. 23. The 2019 season has not yet been announced. There are 137 Either Sex units and 58 Bull Elk only units on public land. There are also 7 additional private only units, but those data are not included Grand Mesa is located in western Colorado. The large National Forest area has backcountry hunting opportunities for trophy elk. The terrain is rugged, and the high altitude makes for a physical hunt. Permits must be obtained before elk hunting in the area and hunters must follow strict regulations

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I read that the average age of Colorado public land Elk being harvested is 3.5 years old, and is usually a 5x5 or small 6x6. Averages for private land can be better for both, size, and age. Public land success rates around 15%, and guided, or private land can average 50%, or even better sometimes Any suggestions on areas hunters have had success bow hunting elk on public land in Colorado. Recently hunted unit 26 in White River National Forest with no luck. I've always had good luck rifle hunting there but the elk weren't in the areas I normally find them. Thinking about trying to go back some where in Colorado before the season is over Enjoy a memorable mule deer, elk or antelope hunt on two working ranches with approximately 6,000 acres of private land located in Northwest Colorado in management unit 4. Our property is very accessible, and by allowing only 4 to 6 hunters per season on 6,000 acres, we provide a very unique, private hunting experience We have a variety of Colorado elk Hunts available. Pick one that suits your style, or call us to discuss your needs! Self Guided drop camp: From drive in, fully outfitted tent camps to a beautiful log cabin. Guided Rifle Hunts: Fully guided hunts on a 2 x 1 basis. Late Season Cow Elk: December hunts, fully guided with five full days of hunting

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Even better, most of that national forest land is open to elk hunting for anyone through Colorado Parks and Wildlife's general, over-the-counter hunts. There's no way around it, though. Hunting pressure in OTC rifle units can be high. As with any public land, areas closest to roads and major trails gets the highest pressure 10 Day Colorado OTC ELK HUNT - The Search For Public Land Elk In this video, watch the crew embark on the second leg of their Colorado public land over-the-counter elk hunt. This isn't an action packed video, but it's a true litmus test of whitetail hunters stepping out of their comfort zone to public land Elk The High Plains Drift Inn is a family run hunting lodge in south central Colorado. The High Plains Drift Inn (HPDI) was started in 1989 by RV Robertson, an elk specialist who has been in the hunting scene for over 50 years. He did not choose this location randomly, located in game management units 80-81, this area is home to one of the largest wild elk populations in the world For Colorado's elk hunters, the importance of roadless land is obvious: of the 15 most-hunted game management units (GMUs) in the state, 14 contain at least 66,000 acres of roadless acres, and 12 have more than 100,000 backcountry acres The author is active in the Colorado archery community and serves as the president of the Fort Collins Archery Association, a life member of the Colorado Bowhunters Association, as well as many other conservation groups. The book is plainly written for the average Joe who wants to go out west and hunt for elk. Matt is a Colorado native who.

Archery Elk Hunting Archery Hunts: $3200 During archery and muzzleloader we will be hunting on private land. Unlike the rifle hunting, archery hunts will be more of a freelance hunt if you're comfortable doing so Arrow J Outfitters is a small, family owned and operated hunting operation in Northwest Colorado's unit 3 on private land acres on the Little Snake River in between Baggs, Wyoming ans Craig, Colorado. We offer limited deer, elk, and combo hunts! Arrow J Outfitters is licensed, bonded, and insured Colorado Outfitter #297 Cole's pronghorn was like that, but the feeling of public-land success made packing out feel effortless. A pronghorn buck slips under a fence. Ron Spomer Hunt the Edges of Private Land to Shoot Public-Land Pronghorns. Alfalfa, wheat, and other crop fields on private land might hold herds of pronghorns for days at a time Archery or rifle seasons at half the price of a fully guided hunt. Colorado Unit 140 has almost NO Public Land available but one small Wilderness area with odd restrictions. This is a low pressure Unit overall because of the amount of Private Lands. When if any; public land pressure occurs the Elk simply move into the Private Lands (this Ranch. Our Archery Elk and Deer hunts take place on a ranch with different terrain and hunting methods. With only limited hunting we will be able to assure our bowhunters the best chance to take a quality animal. Our Packrat Camp is located in Western Colorado and hunting is on a mesa above the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

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Backcountry Montana Adventures specializes in fair chase archery and rifle elk hunts. We are glad to be able to work with private landowners surround the public lands we guide to offer our clients quality opportunity and incredible scenery. We limit our camps sizes at 4-6 hunters for optimal camp atmosphere In addition to our excellent resident elk herds, hunting pressure on nearby public lands causes more elk and other big game animals to migrate onto Rocky Mountain Ranches, Ltd., private land. Our elk hunting areas are in 4-point or better game management units, thereby increasing your chances of taking a mature bull elk Existing Colorado OTC elk opportunities for 2020 . Fill the freezer this year and hunt Colorado OTC rifle. Read More . Written by: Jake Horton. Tagged as: Skills, Colorado, elk, hunting, OTC, bowhunting, opportunity, public land. Using your nose to find elk . How you can use your nose to find more elk this hunting season. Read Mor Archery Elk (either sex): Resident $49.00 Non-Resident $629.00 Archery Deer (either sex): Resident $34.00 Non-Resident $379.00 Rifle Elk: Resident $49.00 (either sex) Non-Resident bull $629.00, cow $469.0

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We should clarify that Archery elk licenses can be obtained over the counter as a private land only either sex tag, bull tags only through the draw. Cow Elk Hunts. Cow Elk hunting in GMU 12 has undergone changes due to Wildlife Commission objectives Cabins on private land but public land DIY hunting; A-frame Lodge with 3000 acres private land DIY hunting. Ranch mule deer hunt is guided on private. 80 acre private land DIY/Semi-guided Honey Hole mule deer hunt; Species & Recommended Seasons: Elk, mule deer and black bear. Archery and 1st rifle season for drop camp. 2 nd through 4 th rifle.

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