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The weight of diesel engine per horsepower is: A. Lighter than petrol engine: B. Equal to petrol engine: C. Heavier than petrol engine: D. None of these: View Answer Workspace Report Discuss in Forum. 93. The thermal efficiency of CI engine is: A. Higher than SI engine: B. Lower than SI engine: C.. Need the weight and dimension of an engine? Check out our diesel engine and transmisison weight chart for freight and export. 55 W Wacker Drive, #1120, Chicago, IL 6060

Manufacturers produce smaller engines, but can get more horsepower out of them. This means that the total weight of the car is kept low while the power is increased. According to research by the US Department of Energy, a reduction in vehicle weight results in a reduction in fuel consumption of 1 to 2% per 100 pounds A typical turbocharged V8 diesel engine might have an engine power of 250 kW (340 hp) and a mass of 380 kg (840 lb), giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 0.65 kW/kg (0.40 hp/lb). Examples of high power-to-weight ratios can often be found in turbines. This is because of their ability to operate at very high speeds

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In this video we are discussing what is the best rpm range to run a Diesel Engine at. This includes the discussion of how Torque and Horsepower are related,. Diesel engine combustion is the process of combusting _____ to create an expanding gas that makes the engine operate. Tags: Question 3 . SURVEY . 30 seconds . Q. The flywheel is a heavy weight attached to the crankshaft that . answer choices . controls the timing to open and close the intake and exhaust valves. Engine revolutions per. The largest diesel engine in the world is the Wärtsilä-Sulzer RTA96-C, used by the Emma Mærsk container ship. How much horsepower can it produce? about 40,000. over 100,000. almost 1,000,000. Advertisement. Why are some diesel engines difficult to start in cold weather?. Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on I.C Engines - Set 04 MCQ IC Engines Edit Diesel engine can work on very lean air fuel ratio of the order of 30: 1. A petrol engine can also work on such a lean ratio provided (A) It is properly designed (B) Best quality fuel is use

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The difference in fuel consumption is only 0.03 lbs per horsepower per hour. However if the pump operated for 2500 hours in a year (48 hours per week) the fuel savings would be 2,475 US gallons (9,405 litres). Over the expected life of the engine, this represents a huge saving in operating cost At the top of the high-performance food chain is the pleasure craft 'E' rated engines that are for minimal annual usage not exceeding 1,000 hours per year. These engines typically operate in the 2,300-3,800 rpm range and some import brands up to 4,200 rpm! Average life expectancy between rebuilds of pleasure craft rated engines may only be. Diesel Cycle - MCQs with Answers Q1. For the same capacity engines, the compression ratio of diesel engine a. is lower than the compression ratio of SI engine b. is higher than the compression ratio of SI engine c. is same as the compression ratio of SI engine d. cannot say View Answer / Hide Answer A diesel engine has a much higher compression pressure of about. High performance engines. 7or 8:1. Factory supercharged and turbo engines have lower compression ratio of about. Measured in pounds per square inch psi or Kilopascals kpa. Gauge. Screwed into the sparkplug, injector nozzle, or glow plug hole. 20- 30 %

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  1. s engines have led the way, with a heavily modified 5.9L 12-valve making 1,500 hp in the mid 2000s, which is pretty dang good, considering that it was originally offered at 160 hp in Ram pickups. 1,500 horsepower is pretty awesome considering the original design, but that's light-years away from what's out there currently
  2. ENGINE Weight References Comments; pounds; Alfasud flat-4 : 240 (2) Alfa Romeo SOHC V6 : 375 (2) AMC V8 : 540 (one ref showed 600) AMC 6 : 500 : Audi 2.0 L4 : 335 (2
  3. g air (d) scavenging (e) supercharging. Ans: e. 39. It the temperature of intake air in IC engines is lowered, then its efficiency will (a) increase (b) decreas
  4. It is 50% more powerful than the famous 6-cylinder GM 71 engine that powers so many of America's fine yachts, tugs and fishing vessels -- yet it weighs less than 15 lb (6.8 kg) per horsepower, including the famous GM hydraulic reverse gear. Quoting from an introductory article (Motor Boating Magazine, August 1950)
  5. But what about weight? Kawasaki only give curb figures (216 kg/476 lbs) so if we deduct a good fuel weight of 20 or so kilos, that would put it in the 196 kg ball park (or 432 lbs). That would leave the Kawasaki H2R with a stellar horsepower to weight ratio of 1.663 hp per kilo, and firmly in the number one position
  6. In general, the specific gravity of diesel fuel may vary from 0.82 to 0.90 resulting in its weight ranging from 6.85 lbs to 7.5 lbs per gallon. Fuel Grade. The cetane level of diesel fuel rates the ease of ignition, horsepower, and fuel economy and relates to its overall weight
  7. 6.7L Power Stroke diesel specs, horsepower/torque curves, and information. The 6.7L Power Stroke is Ford's in-house built diesel engine, introduced for the 2011 model year and currently offered in the Ford Super Duty

Today, common rail fuel delivery, advanced turbocharger technology, and numerous tweaks to the entire design have the engine producing 1,250 horsepower — about 3.8 pounds for each horsepower when measured without a marine transmission, compared to the 1938 6-71 at 17 pounds for each horsepower increment 1 Horse power (33,000 Ft-lbs per minute) is the same as 42.4 BTU's per minute or 2545 BTU's per hour (33,000 /778 = 42.4165 x 60=2544.98). For any engine you can calculate the amount of fuel used, its thermal efficiency and its horsepower potential. For reasons of simplicity let's take an engine that makes 300 HP Despite concerted efforts to keep its size and weight as low as possible, the CXO 300 is no slim jim. It tips the scales at 375kg, just over 100kg more than Mercury's latest 300hp V8 Verado petrol. That's because the high compression ratio of a diesel engine means the block has to be substantially more robust than a petrol engine's Weight depends on mass, and density. Briefly; auto engines can be large and complex, or small and simple. They can be made out of iron, steel, aluminum alloy, ceramics or other exotic materials. All these factors and different materials are par..

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The horsepower does not match that its closely coordinate engines in the LS family, the engine was designed for truck and SUV applications with more weight carrying focus then the LS engines. Some variations of the engine can come with aluminum head and block, but a large percentage still use cast iron block, especially for the large truck usage Freight of container cost P3.00 per kilograms. If the engines are crated so that they can be shipped at the rate of P3.50 per hundred kilograms with the freight bill computed only on the actual weight shipped. The cost of crating would be P50 per engine and would increase the shipping weight from 1500 kg to 1520 kg per engine

Illustration by David Kimble. Other than the displacement (5.7L / 347.5ci), the aforementioned rod bearings and physical dimensions with previous generation LT1 small block, the LS1 was a new all-aluminum single-cam pushrod engine with a bore and stroke of 99 mm × 92 mm (3.898 in × 3.622 in) making this GM's first all-aluminum production V8. With the advancement of materials over the. The engine has the aluminum cylinder block. The 2.5-liter and 2.7-liter engines both share the same 75 mm stroke. They have different cylinder bore sizes only which makes the 200cc difference. The G6BA has DOHC aluminum cylinder heads with hydraulic lifters and four valves per cylinder Portable outboards generally range from 2-20 hp and can weigh anywhere from 13 kg/29.5 lbs to 50 kg/110 lbs. Mid-Size Outboard Motors Mid-size outboards are considered those that deliver 25-100 hp. Depending on the make and model, they generally range from about 70.5 kg/155 lbs to 163 kg/359 lbs The are a four cylinder horizontally opposed air cooled engine. The 3002 is tuned for high torque, low rpm, and the 3003 is tuned for high horsepower. These engines are a great alternative to the Rotax 912 series engines. The installed weight of a 3002/3003 engine typically comes in at about 45 lbs less than a Rotax 912

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Many diesel engines are also turbocharged to make up for the lack of out-and-out horsepower and engine speed. This then creates a higher pressure within the cylinder for the power stroke, which in. Throttle 8 = 4100 HP. In dynamic braking mode the diesel engine goes to idle and generates about 30 HP but will increase to about 70 HP if it needs to charge the air compressor. At 50 MPH in notch 8 delivering 4100 HP the screen did say I was generating 650 HP per axle A typical turbocharged V-8 diesel engine might have an engine power of 250 horsepower (190 kW) and a weight of 450 kilograms (1,000 lb), giving it a power to weight ratio of 0.42 kW/kg (0.25 hp/lb). Examples of high power to weight ratios can often be found in turbines. This is because of their ability to operate at very high speeds Output Horsepower was low in comparison to both weight and engine displacement and because of this, rarely did a design need cold seawater to cool the air being pushed into the engine, or the lubricating oil in it, or even in the transmission. 30 HP per liter was about all these engine developed and a 350 HP diesel could easily weigh 3000+ lbs.

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Fifteen years ago, as the fleet management director for Polk County, Fla., I chose to avoid specifying diesel engines in Class 3-6 trucks. At that time, the decision that any vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 19,500 lbs. or lower purchased by Polk County would be powered by gasoline engines only became instantly unpopular ** This is a projected 1971 weight which does not include the : flywheel housing, clutch and pressure plate. *** Projected weight. (Production weight not available) # With contigency for emission & other innovations Here, we offer power-to-weight ratios in units of pounds per horsepower. For reference, a Lotus Elise is lightweight, at 1927 pounds, with a relatively small 189 horsepower. Its ratio is about 10.2 lb/hp. A Bugatti Veyron, at 4486 pounds and 987 horsepower is just a little of 4.5 pounds per pony, while a base Nissan Versa gets about 23.5. As. 2 CYLINDER ENGINES 28 HP 88 mm bore x 69 mm stroke 840 cc 85 to 103 lbs. Options: New Case, Battery Ignition, Dual Ignition, Bed, Radial or Mosler Mounting, Starter, Alternator All 2 cylinder engines can be made with the cut case or full case version. 130 Static Thrust 3000 RPM Recommended Prop Size 54 x 18 All welding and machining is complete

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Following are the hows and whys of these killer engines from the builders themselves. 410 Sprint Engines. Of course, the 410 cid all-aluminum engines are called upon to provide the greatest power, sometimes approaching 900 hp. The stress on these engines, when mounted in winged sprinters (on either dirt or pavement) is a huge drag This engine, dubbed Thor, is a 4.0L four pot that's capable of making roughly 375 hp per liter, eclipsing 1,500 hp in some applications. It's built by Elmer Racing in Finland for top motorsport. 2007 DP1 V8 850/375HP 2.2 pounds per HP $125,000 www.dpcars.net Made in the U.S.A :Portland Oregon. Horsepower to Weight Ratios Model weight HP lbs/hp price 1999 Dodge Viper 3,380 450 7.51 $80,000 2001 Corvette Z06 3,115 385 8.09 $48,055 2000 Porsche Turbo 3,400 415 8.19 $118,000 2000 Ferrari 360 Modena 3,241 395 8.21 $179,00 The horsepower was a widely adopted unit to measure the output of turbines, piston engines, electric motors, and other machinery. It is a very important unit for airplane engines and turbines. It helps the proper calculation of an engine's efficiency, in order to ensure its smooth working between the take off and landing of a flight The metallurgy and engine construction at the time did not always prove to be able to withstand the increased pressures. The 2-stroke Detroits were able to maintain high horsepower while keeping pressures at a minimum, by providing twice the number of power strokes per revolutions. This led to the legendary reliability of these engines

The output of gasoline and diesel engines is measured in terms of horsepower and torque. Horsepower is a measure of power, while torque is a measure of an engine's twisting force on the driveline By arithmetic, it can be shown that one horsepower (33,000 ft-lbs per minute) is the equivalent of 42.4 BTU's per minute or 2545 BTU's per hour, calculated as follows: 33,000 ft-lb/minute ÷ 778 ft-lb / BTU = 42.4165 BTU / minute 42.4165 BTU / minute × 60 minutes / hour = 2544.98 BTU / hour How is that useful The 3.6-liter V6 LLT is an engine produced by General Motors for use in a wide variety of mid- and full-size vehicles. Part of GM's High Feature V6 VVT engine family, the LLT was among the first. N (number of firing strokes per second, which equals the number of revolutions per second in the case of two-stroke engines and half the number of revolutions per second in the case of four stroke engines.) Example. We have an 8-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine at 2000 RPM, with a bore of 115mm, a stroke of 135mm and a BMEP of 10 bar

Here you will find SEO MCQs with answers that will give you the foundation. I have listed below 20 important SEO MCQs with answers that will help you prepare for the interview. 1. Which form of redirect/meta tag will transfer the most authority to the directed page? Canonical; 302; 301; Answer: 3 2. Which on-page element carries the most weight. Essentially, the horsepower of a car is an indication of its total running capacity. A single unit of horsepower is equivalent to 33,000 pound-feet per minute. This means that horsepower reflects the power necessary to lift 33,000lbs over a foot in one minute. However, the actual term horsepower is considered an arbitrary unit of measure

A diesel pusher motorhome will cost you a minimum of $100 to be serviced. Oil capacity is measured in gallons instead of quarts, and filters come in multiples on most diesel engines. Unfortunately, diesel fuel prices tend to cost more per gallon than unleaded fuel. Combine that with the fact that the larger and much heavier diesel pusher. The power range was between 390 hp to 500 hp for normally aspirated, turbos 500 hp to 900 hp in race, in qualifying up to 1,500 hp. 1961 Capacity was limited to 1.5L. 1966-1969 . Capacity was limited to 1500 cc with or 3000 cc without compressor Minimum car weight: 500kg 360 hp at 9000 rpm - (1969 Matra MS80) 1970-197 The lowest cost per hp is the Briggs 21hp 540cc vertical shaft lawn mower engine. $500 brand new with carb and starter. Would need significant conversion to horizontal shaft, but could be as light as 50 pounds The 2019 Mustang GT carries a base price of just $35,190, and its 5.0-liter V-8 cranks out 460 horsepower for an affordable $76.50 per horsepower. Continue Reading You may also like.. If 200 hp output is wanted, the engine will weigh 200 lbs. Standard figuring calls for fuel consumption of half a pound of fuel per horsepower hour, or 100 pounds of fuel per hour. In 10 hours such an engine will burn 1,000 pounds of fuel. Take-off weight for the power producing system is thus 1,200 pounds

Notes (1) Price through Van's direct purchase program. May be higher elsewhere? (2) Price is for the Aeromomentum AM13 low profile version. The upright version is $8495 (3) Weight is for the AM13 engine, radiator, and coolant (4) Azalea Aviation Spyder. 120 HP also available, ($12,900) (5) Revmaster R2300. 85HP max, 80HP continuous. 94mm bore, 84mm stroke. The engine was also made in a 140 hp version with two carburetors on each bank. Strangely, these engines will develop less horsepower than the 110 hp engines at the rpm needed for a direct drive propeller. GM made a few turbo-charged Corvair engines rated at either 150 or 180 hp 6,000 tires, 700 horsepower, and 230 miles per hour: The Indy 500 by the numbers. One of the greatest car races in the world is also a showcase for innovative engineering For example, the Mercedes-Benz Project One's 1.6-liter V6 with four-electric motors reportedly makes 1,100 hp (820 kW), which would give it a dominating lead. Also, these engines are in production. The new 2.4L V8 engines are reported to develop between 720hp and 750hp (535 to 560 kW, thats mean 300hp (224 kilowatts) per litre of displacement, far higher than most naturally aspirated internal combustion engines.), with the Williams Cosworth unit from 2006 being the most powerful

As the newest edition to the CD-100 engine series, Continental's CD-170 engine continues the tradition of innovation for the Jet-A fueled family The technologically advanced 170 horsepower engine is a turbocharged, 4-cylinder in-line engine that has a low operating cost The durable engine includes a technologically advanced fuel system design that incorporates an enhanced fuel system for an. The M1 uses a 1,500-horsepower gas turbine engine to achieve high mobility. Gas turbine engines have a much better power-to-weight ratio than reciprocating engines.That is, they provide a lot more power without adding a lot of weight. Turbine engines are also a lot smaller than comparable reciprocating engines, so you can do more with the available space on the tank The International Harvester IDI (from Indirect Injection) engine is a four-stroke diesel V8 engine used in International Harvester school buses, trucks, Ford F-Series pickups, and Ford E-Series vans from the 1983 to 1994 model years. The engine was built in two displacements: 420 cubic inches (6.9 L), which was used in Ford trucks from 1983 until 1987, and 444 cubic inches (7.3 L), which was. If you have read the article entitled How Horsepower Works, then you know that one horsepower is equal to 33,000 foot-pounds of work per minute. By this measure, one horse can raise 33 pounds 1,000 vertical feet in a minute, or 330 pounds 100 feet in a minute, or 3,300 pounds 10 feet in a minute, and so on The 3.3L MPI Lambda engine is built around an aluminum open-deck type engine block. There are lightweight aluminum cylinder heads with four valves per cylinder and two overhead camshafts for each cylinder bank. Lambda engines use two timing chains (by one for each head) and variable valve timing (Hyundai's CVVT) on the intake side only

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The weight of a gallon of diesel is about 7 pounds, roughly. Diesel weighs a little less than 7 pounds per gallon in the US (and a little more than 7 pounds per gallon in Canada), but let's go with 7 pounds per gallon to make it an easy, round number Engines 130-560 kW: NOx = 2.0 g/kWh = 1.5 g/bhp-hr (MY 2011-2013) Engines Above 560 kW. Tier 4 emission standards for engines above 560 kW are listed in Table 4. The 2011 standards are sometimes referred to as 'transitional Tier 4', while the 2015 limits represent final Tier 4 standards

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These incredible feats require an incredible engine. A good example of an average class 8 semi truck diesel engine is a Detroit Diesel DD15 with a 14.8 liter, six-cylinder engine. These engines weigh 2,880 pounds and have up to 560 horsepower and 1,850 lbs of torque to their name For those reasons, GM also had internal rules limiting all of their passenger cars except the Corvette to a maximum of one gross horsepower per 10 pounds (1 kW per 6.1 kg) of curb weight, leading to curious non sequiturs like rating Pontiac's 3,300 lb (1,500 kg) Firebird at 325 hp (242 kW) while claiming 360 hp (269 kW) for the mostly.

Recommended power for the STOL CH 750 (built to the Edition 2 drawings) is 80 to 140 horsepower, up to 280 lbs. installed weight. Following are currently the most popular engines being installed in the STOL CH 750 aircraft (additional engines may also be available or suitable): ULPower (97 - 130 ho(hp And the 450R delivers: At 689 pounds, the engine is over 300 pounds lighter than its competitors—that's nearly the same weight as the 400R. (For comparison, the 527-hp Seven Marine tips the scales at 1,094 pounds and Yamaha's 425 XTO weighs 952 pounds.) It also runs on common, 89-octane fuel

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Huge advances in technology are reflected in improvements in power to weight ratios for these engines pretty much across the board, and in the increased torque and low-down power delivery of the four-stroke outboard engines in particular. Buyers also have ample choice of 115hp to 140hp outboard engine models. Let's now examine the individual. Mathematically, horsepower equals torque multiplied by rpm. H = T x rpm/5252, where H is horsepower, T is pound-feet, rpm is how fast the engine is spinning, and 5252 is a constant that makes the. Diesel weighs 0.8508 gram per cubic centimeter or 850.8 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. density of diesel is equal to 850.8 kg/m³; at 15.5°C (59.9°F or 288.65K) at standard atmospheric pressure. In Imperial or US customary measurement system, the density is equal to 53.1137 pound per cubic foot [lb/ft³], or 0.49179 ounce per cubic inch [oz. 134-265 kW | 180-370 hp. Built to meet or exceed your engine's original specifications for performance, reliability and durability; Fully remanufactured according to Cummins five-step remanufacturing process; Exchange packages to replace Cummins units and repower packages to replace any brand in virtually any boa

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On the dyno, the drop in rotational weight was definitely worth power, as the peak power numbers jumped to 542 hp at 6,500 rpm and 476 lb-ft at 5,400 rpm. 14/14 13 2 CYLINDER ENGINES 28 HP 88 mm bore x 69 mm stroke 840 cc 85 to 103 lbs. Options: New Case, Battery Ignition, Dual Ignition, Bed, Radial or Mosler Mounting, Starter, Alternator All 2 cylinder engines can be made with the cut case or full case version. 130 Static Thrust 3000 RPM Recommended Prop Size 54 x 18 All welding and machining is complete ----- Table 1: Average In-Use Emission Rates for Heavy-Duty Vehicles* (in grams per mile) Pollutant voc THC CO NOx PM9, PMin HDGV (gasoline) 1.586 1.635 13.130 2.914 0.044 0.051 HDDV (diesel) 0.447 0.453 2.311 8.613 0.202 0.219 See Endnotes Table 2 presents average in-use emission rates for heavy-duty gasoline trucks and heavy-duty diesel trucks, separated by various weight classes The Most Powerful Small Engines By Brent Dunn In the motorcycle world, engines with tiny displacements that make huge horsepower are common, and normally aspirated engines under 1 liter that make over 200 horsepower are available

portable engines. Diesel fuel oil is the most versatile fuel and is used in IC engines of all sizes. The rated power of these engines covers a rather substantial range, up to 250 horsepower (hp) for gasoline engines and up to 600 hp for diesel engines. (Diesel engines greater than 600 hp are covered i Also,just bc you make 100hp per liter with 5 liters doesn't mean if you add 2 more liters you get 200 more hpmath doesn't work that way with engines bc if your volmeric efficiency is peaked at 5.0 then it won't gain any more power at the same level Air standard diesel engine cycle: In the diesel engine, air is compressed adiabatically with a compression ratio typically between 15 and 20. This compression raises the temperature to the ignition temperature of the fuel mixture which is formed by injecting fuel once the air is compressed Honda S2000: 123.7bhp/litre. Honda's two-seater sports car used a more powerful derivative of the 2.0-litre engine found in several generations of the Civic Type R.The ultimate version was a. Check out the March 2012 torque as we look at the largest Cummins ever built. See the 4,000HP QSK95 Cummins diesel engine in this month's issue of Diesel Power Magazine In the 1930´s the Junkers Jumo 205 supercharged 2-stroke Diesel was used in scheduled transatlantic service between Europe and South America; it had a cruise BSFC of .356 lb/hp hr and a specific weight of only 1.5 lb/hp. Jumo Diesel engines delivered full sealevel power up to 40,000 feet and powered aircraft flying at 50,000 feet

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