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You should file a complaint if you are having a problem with a business and need help to resolve that problem. The Attorney General's Office can help with most consumer issues. The most common consumer issues include Law enforcement actions are taken by the Attorney General to protect the public good and to ensure a fair market place. However, for individual consumer complaints, the Bureau of Consumer Frauds and Protection offers an informal dispute resolution program for complaints against a merchant or business If that does not work, file a complaint with: Your consumer protection agency. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Your state attorney general We inform consumers of alternatives if our complaint resolution service is not successful. The Attorney General's Office is authorized to bring legal action only in the name of the State of Washington, and is prohibited from serving as an attorney for individual consumers If your complaint is not against a business that is regulated by another agency, then you may file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office using the Complaint Against Business form below. Complaints are used by the Attorney General's Office to learn about misconduct and to determine whether to investigate a company

This form is only for consumer complaints.Please visit the robocall complaint form to submit robocall information. Complaints and inquiries become public records when they are submitted to the Attorney General's office, and under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, copies may be subject to disclosure to anyone who asks for them I understand that any information I submit to the Ohio Attorney General's Office is considered public information and may be released in a public records request. I understand a copy of this form and all documents relating to my complaint may be sent to the company that is the subject of my complaint Office of Attorney General Helplines. Child Predator - 800-385-1044. Drugs Tip Line - 800-442-8006. Senior Protection - 866-623-2137. Consumer Protection- 800-441-255 General Consumer Complaint Form; Consumer Complaint Form in Spanish; Price Gouging Complaint Form (This form is only available during a state of emergency.) Telemarketing Complaint Form; Automobile Complaint Form. For a vehicle sales complaint: submit copies of the bill of sale, credit contract, and any correspondence related to the problem Consumers can file a complaint online or submit a consumer complaint form to the Attorney General's Office in the mail or in person. Complaint forms can be downloaded and printed at the links below

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For consumer issues, we offer a voluntary mediation service if we believe our intervention might assist in resolving the dispute. Patterns of complaints involving the same party or a new issue often help us in allocating our law enforcement resources, regardless of whether we can intervene on any individual complaint The Attorney General's Office welcomes complaints from constituents on a large variety of matters. If you have experienced a consumer problem, we want to hear from you! The Office has several forms available that you can fill out to report complaints. Information about each form is available below The Consumer Protection, Child Support, and Health Care Fraud Divisions of the Attorney General's office help consumers each year by mediating complaints that fall within our jurisdiction. Please refer to the Complaint Directory before submitting a complaint to avoid unnecessary delays in processing Filing a Consumer Complaint You can file a consumer complaint with the Indiana Attorney General's Office online or by filling out a printable form. You can also request a complaint form by calling 1.800.382.5516 or 317.232.6330. For price gouging complaints please submit any photo documentation you have of price signage with your complaint The Consumer Protection and Antitrust Unit at DOJ primarily litigates cases referred by other state agencies. If you have questions about a case or believe you may have information or a complaint related to a case handled by DOJ, please contact the Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-998-0700 or (608) 266-1852

Attorney General's Main Switchboard, Toll-free 1-888-743-0023 FAX: 410-576-7040 If you are a Maryland consumer and have a dispute with a business, or if you live in another state and your dispute involves a transaction that occurred in Maryland, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division File a Consumer Complaint Haga clic aquí para presentar una queja de consumidor en línea If you prefer to complete the consumer complaint form in a fillable PDF, you can view both the English version and the Spanish version

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  1. Completed complaint forms may be sent to: Office of the Attorney General of Virginia Consumer Protection Section 202 North Ninth street Richmond, Virginia 23219 Fax: 804-225-4378. Motor Fuels Price Gouging Complaint For
  2. The Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA), now housed in the Attorney General's Office, works to handle consumer complaints and educate consumers on the latest scams and threats that could cause harm. To file a complaint against an individual or a business entity, you can complete a complaint form here
  3. If the business will not resolve a problem directly, consumers can file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, or a small claims court. The complaint should explain in detail, with documentation, what the problem is, who it is with, what you have done and what you want. In particular, it should
  4. The Attorney General, through the Bureau of Consumer Protection, provides a mediation service to consumers where an attempt may be made to mediate your individual consumer complaint if it falls within the jurisdiction of the office

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General Consumer Complaint Form The Washington State Office of the Attorney General can only process complaints that involve either Washington state residents or businesses located in Washington state. UPDATE OR ADD TO AN EXISTING COMPLAINT HERE. DO NOT file a new complaint if you are providing additional information to an existing complaint If you choose to mail your complaint, please complete the form, attach copies of any paperwork (do not send originals), and return the completed form to: Office of the Attorney General PL-01 The Capitol Tallahassee, Florida 32399-105 File a Consumer Complaint The Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA), now housed in the Attorney General's Office, works to handle consumer complaints and educate consumers on the latest scams and threats that could cause harm. To file a complaint against an individual or a business entity, you can complete a complaint form here CONSUMER COMPLAINTS The Attorney General works to protect consumers and ensure a fair marketplace by enforcing Missouri's Merchandising Practices Act, as well as other laws. By filing complaints, consumers let the Attorney General's Office know about unscrupulous businesses and individuals

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The Office of the Attorney General Consumer Protection Unit investigates and mediates consumer complaints concerning unfair and unlawful business practices and misleading advertising arising out of alleged violations of the Deceptive Trade Practices Act We refer these complaints to the relevant state's Attorney General or Consumer Protection agency. For national companies with stores in Connecticut, we can try to be of assistance. For a more rapid response, you may want to try going directly to the out-of-state consumer protection agency Complaint Process Disclaimer: Consumer Protection and the Attorney General's Authority . The Attorney General's Office enforces laws regarding unfair and deceptive business practices. The Attorney General does not represent individual consumers. When to File a Complaint Pursuant to SB16-56, the Attorney General is a designated review agency for information/documentation that is believed to be confidential and that is evidence of waste, fraud and abuse Our consumer representatives can be reached at: 1-833-681-1895 [email protected] File a consumer complaint with the Office of the Attorney General by downloading and completing the form below. Then, save the completed form as a PDF and email it to [email protected] with Complaint in the subject line. You may also attach any relevant.

Consumer Complaints The Attorney General's office helps consumers by informally mediating complaints. In many cases, this assistance will help you resolve your problem. When we receive your complaint, we will send you a confirmation receipt with your assigned Attorney General file number Consumer Complaint Forms. Consumers who believe that they have been the victim of unlawful practices in the purchases of goods and services are first encouraged to fill out the appropriate form and return it to the West Virginia Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division. We offer consumers three options for submitting complaints

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Vermont's lobbyist registration and disclosure law applies to certain communications with and activities directed at the Attorney General. Prior to any interactions with the Office of the Vermont Attorney General, you are advised to review Title 2, Sections 261-268 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, as well as the Vermont Secretary of State's most recent guide to compliance, available at. If you are unable to fill out the following Consumer Complaint Form, please call (800) 220-5424 or e-mail consumer.protection@delaware.gov for assistance. Online Form - Consumer Complaint Statement Related Topics: Attorney General , Consumer Complaints , DE AG , DE Attorney General , Delaware , Delaware Attorney General

Consumer Protection Office 800-282-0515 Fax 866-268-2279 30 E. Broad Street, 14th Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215 www.OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov Consumer Complaint Form The Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Protection Section provides a complaint resolution process to resolv CONSUMER COMPLAINT FORM Office of the Attorney General Consumer Advocacy and Response Division One Ashburton Place Boston, MA 02108 -1518. Your Contact Information

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  1. New Hampshire Department of Justice 33 Capitol Street | Concord, NH | 03301 Telephone: 603-271-365
  2. Electronic Complaint Submission (ECS) The NM Office of Attorney General now accepts complaints online. With New Mexico Office of the Attorney General's Electronic Complaint Submission (ECS) application, you can submit your complaint to our office without having to fill out paper forms.. Click on the following image to start the process
  3. The Consumer Protection Division of the Office of the Attorney General is the civil enforcement authority for violations of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. The Division protects consumers by pursuing individuals and entities that engage in unfair methods of competition or unconscionable, deceptive and unfair practices in.
  4. We offer consumers three options for submitting complaints. Option 1: Download and print the forms, fill it out by hand, and mail it (with any copies of documents related to the complaint) to: Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division, PO Box 1789, Charleston, WV 25326-1789.; Option 2: Download and f ill out the appropriate PDF form, and e-mail the form and any additional.
  5. A consumer complaint form may also be downloaded and mailed or emailed. A Spanish complaint form is also available. After you submit your complaint, you will receive an email confirmation
  6. The Arizona Attorney General has the authority to bring actions alleging violations of the Consumer Fraud Act and other state and federal consumer protection laws. A private citizen can also bring an action for a violation of the Consumer Fraud Act within one year from the date the claim arises. File a Consumer Complaint

Please contact the Consumer Protection Division if you have questions about the open records law. I understand that the Attorney General's Office is not my private attorney but represents the public in enforcing laws designed to protect consumers from misleading or unlawful business practices Consumer Complaint Form Submit a consumer complaint to the Arkansas Attorney General. Go to Consumer Complaint For CONSUMER COMPLAINT FORM Frederick M. Boss Deputy Attorney General PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Under Oregon Law, the Attorney General cannot act as your private attorney or give you legal advice. Deadlines may prevent you from starting a lawsuit if you wait too long, you may wish to contact a private attorney.. FILE A COMPLAINT. The Office of the Attorney General represents the public interest, not individuals, and cannot provide legal advice. However, as a public service, the Office of the Attorney General may provide informal mediation services to assist consumers who are unable to resolve an issue on their own Consumer Protection Division. Office of the Indiana Attorney General. 302 W. Washington St., 5th Floor. Indianapolis, IN 46204. You can also request a complaint form by calling 1.800.382.5516 or 317.232.6330

Consumer Complaint Form. Before you begin, there are several pieces of information you will need to complete this form, including the names and addresses of the people and businesses you are filing a complaint against. Texas Office of the Attorney General. The Consumer Protection Section of the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia provides protection to consumers from fraud, deception, and illegal practices in the marketplace. Our telephone counselors are available to assist you with consumer questions. Please call the Consumer Protection Hotline at (800) 552-9963 if calling from Virginia. The Division of Consumer Affairs (DCA), now housed in the Attorney General's Office, works to handle consumer complaints and educate consumers on the latest scams and threats that could cause harm. To file a complaint against an individual or a business entity, you can complete a complaint form here. Contact DCA at (615) 741-4737 or toll free. Ask if the office handles the type of complaint you have and if complaint forms are provided. State Consumer Protection Offices Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General Website: Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General ; Email: consumers@attorneygeneral.gov Phone Number: 717-787-3391. Toll Free

The Consumer Protection Division assists Arkansas consumers when problems arise during consumer transactions. Attorney General staff may help by contacting a business and mediating a positive resolution. In other instances, attorneys pursue lawsuits against those who violate the Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act The Consumer Protection Unit of the Attorney General's Office investigates and prosecutes violations of Vermont's consumer laws, which prohibits businesses from engaging in unfair or deceptive acts or practices. The consumer protection staff represents the State of Vermont, and through the State, the public, by: through the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP), using a letter. CONSUMER COMPLAINT - Page 1 of 2. OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL Lawrence G. Wasden . Consumer Protection Division 954 W. Jefferson, 2nd Floor P.O. Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0010 Phone: (208) 334-2424. CONSUMER COMPLAINT FORM . For your convenience, you can fill out this form on your computer. However, to file your complaint, you mus The Consumer Protection Unit of the Attorney General's Office enforces Alaska's consumer protection laws, which are aimed at preventing unfair or deceptive trade practices. Most people, at some point in their lives, will encounter an unscrupulous salesperson, purchase a defective or unsafe product, or will simply feel like they have been taken. Check the list of all the licensed professions, and choose either an English or Spanish complaint form after the specific profession. If you do not see a specific profession listed, please submit a general complaint by clicking the following link: General Consumer Complaint Form: (English / Spanish

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  1. Users should judge a business's complaints history primarily on the disposition of the complaints and not on the number of complaints or on the fact that a complaint was filed. The information on this web site is provided by the Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau of the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office as a public service and is.
  2. The database contains consumer complaints received since January 1, 2014 and is for information purposes only. Users should judge a business's complaint history primarily on the disposition of the complaints and not on the number of complaints or on the fact that a complaint was filed
  3. To file a complaint, visit your state's Attorney General's website, locate the online complaint form, fill it out and attach the necessary documents, and then mail it to the Attorney General's office address. Each state designates an agency to handle consumer complaints of fraud, deception, or unfair business practices

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -In recognition of Consumer Protection Week, the Attorney General's Office is launching a campaign to bring awareness to different consumer protection issues to help consumers.. You may contact the Consumer Protection Agency of your state's Attorney General's office to file a formal complaint, or you may file in Small Claims Court How to File a Complaint. There are several options to file your complaint: Chat with the digital assistant, located in the lower right of the screen. Text complaint to (202) 738-5212 and follow the guided prompts. Complete the online form below. Call the OAG Consumer Complaint Hotline at (202) 442-9828. File a Complaint Onlin Contact Us 601.359.3680 P.O. Box 220, Jackson MS 39205 550 High Street, Jackson MS 3920

Office of the Attorney General Colorado Department of Law Ralph L. Carr Judicial Building 1300 Broadway, 10th Floor Denver, CO 80203 (720) 508-600 The Attorney General enforces the Act and may file civil actions on behalf of the State of Idaho in situations of statewide significance. The Attorney General does not represent individual consumers. When to File a Complaint ATLANTA, GA - Attorney General Chris Carr is warning Georgia consumers that a number of sellers of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids are making deceptive and misleading claims about the safety and effectiveness of their products

Consumer Investigation Request So we can better assist you, please answer the following questions: 1) Are you and the business you are filing against from Sedgwick, Wyandotte or Johnson County The complaint should include the name and address of the business, with a detailed explanation of what the problem is, and what you have done. Copies of relevant documents such as receipts, warranties, cancelled checks, contracts, etc. should either be uploaded with the on­line complaint, or mailed with the form complaint If you have questions about the state lemon law, telemarketing, collections, or if you wish to file a consumer complaint,please call (803) 734-4200 or (800) 922-1594 or click here to visit Consumer Affairs website. For information about the General Assembly, legislation, or to access the Code of Laws online, click here Submit Complaint Form Online Schedule a Tour or Visit Welcome to the on-line office for Attorney General Alan Wilson. Please visit the Contact Us page to stay in touch

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The Consumer Assistance Request Form is used if you need help with a consumer problem such as unsatisfactory service, bill disputes, or other concerns and would like the Attorney General's Office to contact the organization on your behalf CONSUMER COMPLAINT OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERAL CONSUMER PROTECTION SFN 7418 (09-2018) 1. Please attempt to contact the company or individual before filing this complaint. 2. Complete entire form and type or print clearly in blue or black ink. We cannot process incomplete forms. 3. Attach copies (not originals) of the documents relating to your. Utah Attorney General's Office Files Amended Complaint in Gold King Lawsuit January 5, 2018 AG Reyes Statement on the Passing of LDS Church President Thomas S. Monso CONSUMER COMPLAINT The Attorney General of the State of South Dakota and the Division of Consumer Protection have the authority to investigate deceptive or misleading business/trade practices and take legal action on behalf of the State of South Dakota. Neither the Attorney General nor his staff can act as a private attorney for you

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ABSTRACT: The consumer complaints file system was established and is maintained pursuant to 5 U.S.C. § 301, 28 U.S.C. § 547 and 23 D.C..Code 101(c). The records in this system pertain to allegations of consumer fraud made by citizens Search and read over 11,000 Attorney General Opinions dating back to 1979. Consumer Complaints Fill out a simple online form to file a complaint with our Consumer Complaint Divison Consumer Protection. The Attorney General for the state of Texas protects consumers and the legitimate business community by filing civil lawsuits under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act and other consumer protection statutes. Consumer complaints filed with this agency may form the basis for an investigation into a company's business practices. The Attorney General's Office investigates a broad range of misconduct across New Jersey, and many of these investigations begin with a complaint from the public. Different types of allegations are investigated by different entities with the Office, and so please review the list below when deciding where to file your complaint The Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the State. The Attorney General's Office has general charge, supervision and direction of the legal business of the State, acting as legal advisors and representatives of the major agencies, various boards, commissions, officials and institutions of State Government

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Search consumer complaints Research whether a business has complaints on file with the Attorney General. Ohioans just like you have already turned to the Attorney General to help resolve business disputes and report scams Attorney General's Office has the power to investigate a written consumer complaint made by a non-merchant arising from a transaction with a merchant (i.e. patient complaining about provider after a patient visit) If you are a victim of deceptive business practices or identity theft, you are encouraged to file a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. You may also file a complaint against businesses that are violating consumer protection laws. If you have documents to support your claim, it is important that you send copies of them to us

If a complaint involves misrepresentations or deceptive or unfair trade practices arising out of a purchase made for personal, family or household purposes, the Attorney General may forward your complaint to the business complained against and request a written response from the business State of Connecticut Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Web Site Accessibility Policy.Copyright © 2002-2016 State of Connecticut

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You may call the Consumer Services Office between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST Monday through Friday at 1.800.722.2657 or 1.800.600.0007. Your request for assistance must be submitted using our online complaint form. Please be sure to include all relevant information The Office of the Attorney General provides legal services to the Commonwealth's agencies, boards, commissions, colleges and universities. They are the Commonwealth's law firm, defending the interests of Virginians and Virginia government and also work with law enforcement throughout the Commonwealth to prepare for emerging public safety. File a consumer complaint If you're a victim of fraud, or if you're having trouble resolving an issue with a business, file a consumer complaint to get help you need Consumer Protection Division Office of the Indiana Attorney General 302 W. Washington St., 5th Floor Indianapolis, IN 46204 You can also request a complaint form by calling 1.800.382.5516 or 317.232.6330. Mortgage Fraud Complaint Forms: Online Complaint Form; Printable Complaint Form; Helpful tips for filing a consumer complaint Lead, Deputy Attorney General ; The Consumer Fraud Prosecution Section provides legal representation to the Division of Consumer Affairs, Office of Consumer Protection, in investigations as well as civil and administrative actions to address violations of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and related statutes and regulations, including the.

General Consumer Complaint The Bureau of Consumer Protection accepts complaints relating to a variety of consumer issues. Wisconsin residents who have a complaint concerning a business in or out of Wisconsin, or anyone outside the state if the complaint involves a Wisconsin business, may file a complaint by completing the below online complaint form Consumer Resource Guide - For more information on addressing common issues and topics, please review the Colorado Attorney General's Consumer Resource Guide. Please be advised the information contained within the Resource Guide should not be taken as legal advice. Consumers seeking a legal opinion should consult with a licensed attorney

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  1. Attorney General Consumer Complaints Based on . Based on Attorney General Consumer Complaints. Publishing to the public requires approval. Complaint data from consumer complaints filed with the Consumer Protection Division. The existence of a complaint is not evidence of wrongdoing. Expand.
  2. You may consider filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov You may also consider filing a complaint with your state's consumer protection agency or the consumer protection agency of the state where the caller is located
  3. Protecting Yourself from Consumer Fraud — Florida Attorney General — Provides tips on consumer protection in a variety of situations Recent Consumer News — State of Florida.com StateofFlorida.com is not an official publication of the State of Florida

Or, you can complete a downloadable form below, print it and either fax it to (602) 542-4579 or mail it to 2005 N Central Ave, Attn: Consumer Information and Complaints, Phoenix, AZ 85004. Please include your name, the complaint number (if available) and copies of your supporting documents. Consumer Complaint Form (English The Attorney General's Office believes that an informed consumer is the first step toward the prevention of consumer fraud. This site will alert you to current consumer issues and concerns. Periodically, this site will be updated with new information and trends in consumer fraud. Select from the following topics: Consumer Law Guide: This is a. Once you file your complaint, your submission will be reviewed by our attorneys to determine whether a sufficient basis exists for action by the Attorney General. We will review the matter as expeditiously as possible; however, please be aware that complainants are not notified of progress regarding their complaint or the status of the. File a Complaint Whether you have a general question or want to file a complaint, you can get help at Consumer Services Online (CSO). CSO is the Pennsylvania Insurance Department's fast and secure online customer service tool

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Although we cannot force a business to resolve a complaint, our contact with the company often results in a solution. We will contact you, once we have reviewed your complaint, typically within a week of receiving your complaint. Filing a Complaint Online. To file a general consumer complaint online, click here If you experience a problem while trying to submit your complaint, you may contact our office at 410-528-8662, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or send an e-mail describing the problem to: consumer@oag.state.md.us You will receive a response during regular business hours

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We're here to help! Call us at 800-649-2424 For over three decades, the Vermont Attorney General and UVM have worked together to help Vermont consumers and businesses. Find our consumer complaint form here. Take a Class with Us! In CDAE 159 (SL: CAP - Consumer Law in Action) and an expanded CDAE 259 (SL: CAPII) course, CAP students work directly with Vermonters Consumer Frauds Bureau Online Complaint Form Welcome to the Office of the Attorney General Online Submission Form To follow up on a previously-submitted complaint, or for additional assistance with this form, please call our Helpline at (800)771-7755. For hearing impaired: TDD (800)788-9898.. The Attorney General of the State of South Dakota and the Division of Consumer Protection have the authority to investigate deceptive or misleading business/trade practices and t

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The Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Protection Section provides a complaint resolution process to resolve disputes between consumers and businesses. If you have a complaint regarding a consumer transaction (a purchase or advertisement of a product or service used for the home or personal use), you may file a complaint with our office If you believe you have been the victim of a crime, complete the online form by clicking Get Started below. Please attach your supporting documents by using the 'Add Attachments' portion of the online form. You must submit an online complaint form prior to your complaint being investigated

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