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  1. If you're looking for the behr textured ceiling paint you're in the right place. We spent a lot of time reviewing best behr textured ceiling paint to come up with the Ten that we think stand apart from the pack in style, functionality, and value
  2. For a paint specifically designed to take on a variety of ceiling surfaces, choose BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Interior Ceiling Paint. This flat, non-reflective sheen is spatter-resistant, and will maintain the original acoustical properties of your ceiling
  3. Interior Ceiling Paint A flat, non-reflective sheen that maintains the original acoustical properties of your ceiling. Available in MARQUEE, BEHR ULTRA, AND PREMIUM PLUS line

Get free shipping on qualified BEHR Premium Textured DeckOver BEHR Premium Plus Ultra BEHR or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Paint department If you're looking for a beautiful, stylish and durable finish for your walls and ceilings, then BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ® Texture Paint is the choice for you. It comes in three texture options to suit your needs: smooth, sand and popcorn ceiling finish This white texture paint is easy to apply, ideal for hiding imperfections and is reinforced with interwoven fibres for added durability. Use on new or properly prepared Interior ceilings. Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways and kitchen BEHR ULTRA 1 gal. #PPU18-6 Ultra Pure White Ceiling Flat Interior Paint and Primer in One Model# 555801 (198

Get free shipping on qualified Textured or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today in the Paint department. #1 Home Improvement Retailer Homax 14 oz. Pro Grade Popcorn Ceiling Texture Model# 4575 $ 19 33 $ 19 33. Buy 4 or more $16.43. deck stain behr premium plus white paint wood stain rose gold gold paint 5 gallon paint BEHR MARQUEE ® is our most advanced interior paint and primer. It delivers exceptional stain-resistance and durability, and it's guaranteed to provide one-coat hide in over 1,000 different Behr colors*. * Valid only when tinted to designated colors from the MARQUEE One-Coat Hide Color Collection If you plan to add a simple texture to your ceiling (e.g., a texture resembling sand), prime the ceiling and paint it with a store-bought water-based texture paint such as Behr Premium Plus Sand.. BEHR PREMIUM ® Porch & Patio Anti-Slip Floor Paint - Textured Low-Lustre Enamel Warranty Product Data (PDF) Select an SDS Anti-Slip Ultra Pure White No. 6250 Anti-Slip Deep Base No. 6230 Anti-Slip Slate Gray No. 629

The BEHR PREMIUM PLUS 2 gal. Flat Interior Ceiling Paint is designed for use on textured popcorn and acoustic-style ceilings. This splatter-resistant paint offers great hiding performance for coverage of up to 800 sq. ft. Its mildew-resistant finish helps ensure that the matte sheen lasts over time Product Overview The BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Ceiling Paint 1 gal. features a durable, acrylic-latex formula that is specifically designed for use on previously painted or primed interior ceilings. This spatter resistant formula minimizes glare and provides a mildew-resistant finish. This formula also maintains the original acoustical ceiling properties This white texture paint is easy to apply, ideal for hiding imperfections and is reinforced with interwoven fibres for added durability. Use on new or properly prepared Interior walls and ceilings. Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens and bathroom

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Applying best ceiling paint for textured ceilings will improve your largest unobstructed surface in home. Not only will it brighten the biggest surface in your home, but will properly seal drywall texture. Depending upon type of ceiling texture, will determine which ceiling paint finish you should use Ever wondered the right way to paint a ceiling? Don't worry, we'll walk you through each step to safely get this project done like a pro. For more details vi.. Depending on the color you apply to your ceiling, you can convey a cozy, warm ambience or create an aura of expansiveness, and add visual interest to your home. For Best Results: Refer to our how-to for expert advice and techniques on painting your ceiling. The ceiling should be the first surface you paint in your room

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Behr Premium Plus Gallon Flat Interior Ceiling Paint 10. Behr Premium Textured Deckover Gal Wood Behr Premium Textured Deckover Gal Wood 11. Glidden Vantage Interior Ceiling Latex Pail Glidden Vantage Interior Ceiling Latex Pail 12. Color Sage Amazing Green Light Histori In addition to the standard painting tools, you will need the following to paint your walls and ceilings with BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Texture Paint: a five gallon (18.9L) size stir stick, a deep well paint tray, a loop roller cover and a wide putty knife or trowel

Introduction to Texture Paint Finishes Behr Canad

Behr Ultra Ceiling Paint delivers ultra results to your ceiling. If you're painting a light color over a dark ceiling, Behr is the best for the job. With paint and primer in one , this paint quickly covers over darkness in just a few quick coats Let the textured paint dry for at least 6 hours, once it is dried you can then apply a coat of ceiling paint over the dried textured paint using a medium nap roller on a regular paint roller to finish up the job. http://homeguides.sfgate.com/apply-behr-popcorn-texture-paint-texturizer-roller-ceiling-77929.htm Homax pro grade, 25 Oz, orange peel, oil based, wall texture spray paint, with dual control, perfect tool to help you repair damaged orange peel textured walls and get professional results, features adjustment of both pressure and pattern which makes this convenient and simple to use, provides portable and convenient delivery of A full range of. Textured paint is thicker than regular paints, and gives your ceiling a texture that overcoats all of the irregularities. However, the ceiling and structure must be sound for this to work correctly Ceilings are often textured. A textured finish will be enhanced with shiny paint; A flat finish is the best for reducing the look of the texture and camouflaging flaws on a flat ceiling; Read more: What Colour Should I Paint My Ceiling? The Best Paint Finish for Walls and New Drywall Flat, matte or eggshel

Behr Premium Plus Texture Finish 7

Eminence® ceiling paint delivers easy one-coat coverage, timesaving self-priming performance and a bright white finish. A true flat paint, it masks surface imperfections and blocks new stains from forming. The look is top-of-the-line fresh, crisp, with high light reflectance How to paint a popcorn texture ceiling with a roller and extension poll. How to paint a popcorn texture ceiling with a roller and extension poll Load textured paint into a paint pan, if you're using a roller, or a spray gun. Textured paint is thicker than normal paint and is designed for textured surfaces. There are different varieties for different textures so be sure to choose the correct paint for your texture. For example, coarse paint for a coarse or popcorn ceiling

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How to Add Sand to Paint for Texture. Originally, sand was added to paint to texture ceilings and hide imperfections in the drywall. Today, textured paint is used on walls and ceilings to give a unique look to the room. You can purchase textured paint that already has sand mixed in, but it is more expensive True, you can get your Behr (and many other) textured ceiling paints tinted and shaken up like regular paint, however the color - especially if you're trying to achieve Ultra Pure White, won't.. Model # 55801 Store SKU # 1000402544 This flat finish is specifically formulated for use on texture, popcorn and acoustic style ceilings. Use on previously painted or primed Interior ceilings. Durable acrylic latex finis Learn how to prep for and paint a ceiling with a paint sprayer. Paint a textured ceiling like a pro! A high-efficiency airless paint sprayer is the perfect tool to use to paint a textured ceiling. Paint goes on smoothly and consistently with fantastic coverage, so you can get a big project like this one done within a day Textured paint is one of the most popular types of paint on the market today. Textured paint is used in a variety of different applications and for many different reasons. It also comes in several different variations as well. This type of paint is very popular because it does not always require the use of a primer because it is so thick

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Thinning will make the paint more slippery while applying against untextured areas but when you paint an area where you have texture applied it will grip and leave more texture. two options. 1 apply texture so thick that it will not accept any more.several coats until build up has occurred. 2 scrape all texture off and apply with a trowe Search Results for Textured Ceiling Paint Home Improvement Painting Supplies Heating & Cooling Hardware & Building Materials Bathroom Fixtures Large Appliances MORE + Shop By (1) BEHR PREMIUM PLUS (112,130) BEHR ULTRA (100,967) BEHR MARQUEE (81,015) Ekena Millwork (19,720) Glidden Premium (17,009) MORE Painting textured ceilings is a bit of a crapshoot. If the texture has been painted over already, it's probably safe to paint again. If the texture has never been painted, there's a risk the water in the paint could loosen the texture, causing it to fall off in sheets. A lot depends on the quality of the texturing job He added latex paint and some white sand (tell people it's crushed seashells) to drywall joint compound until he got the texture he wanted. Takes a little practice to get the mix right but it is simple and cheap Behr Premium Textured Deckover Gal Wood 4. Behr Premium Textured Deckover Behr Premium Textured Deckover 5. Premium Plus Interior Flat Ceiling Paint Premium Plus Interior Flat Ceiling Paint 6. Behr Premium Plus Gallon Flat Interior Ceiling Paint Behr Premium Plus Gallon Flat Interior Ceiling Paint 7. Behr Premium Extra Textured Deckover Ga

1-16 of 393 results for behr paint Prestige Interior Paint and Primer In One, 1-Gallon, Semi-Gloss, White. 4.6 out of 5 stars 651. $36.95 $ 36. 95. Get it as soon as Tue, May 4. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Prestige Paints Interior Paint and Primer in One, Comparable Match of Behr* Intercoastal Gray*, Satin, 1 Gallon Behr's most advanced ceiling paint features guaranteed one-coat hide plus an exclusive MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Colour Collection. This 100% acrylic, antimicrobial-mildew resistant finish makes MARQUEE Ceiling Paint ideal for every room. Learn about the MARQUEE Interior One-Coat Colour Collection Guarantee

Since a textured ceiling is so 'busy' design-wise, it's harder to notice any scratches, waviness, painting imperfections, etc. As such, it doesn't require a high level of maintenance. It should be noted, though, that dust can sometimes cling to the edges of the ceiling's textured segments, especially on popcorn textures, so make sure. Behr Premium Plus Texture Paint Smooth Finish 7 58l 100102 Canada Painting Interior Textures Textured Ceiling This photo is the ceiling, with a coat of Behr Drywall Primer/Sealer, 3 coats of KM 1005, 2 coats of Zinsser cover stain, 2 coats of KM 1005. Attachments 2012-02-23 14.25.45.jp Behr Venetian Plaster Products. Behr's Premium Plus With Style Venetian Plaster is a heavy-bodied, water-based product. You must prep thoroughly by removing loose paint, washing away any dirt, grease, and mildew before applying Behr Enamel Undercoater Primer & Sealer. You then apply a first coat using a straight-edged steel trowel

Fill a paint tray with the texture material or texture paint. Dip a paint roller into the paint tray, roll it out, and then apply the texture over the wall or ceiling surface. An ordinary roller cover will produce a texture, but there are also special roller covers available that are designed for stippling It's possible to paint over a popcorn ceiling covered with a wall and ceiling texture product. You'll need to use a roller with a thicker knap (the fibers covering the roller) that's made for textured surfaces. More paint is needed to get into the grooves of a textured ceiling, but be careful not to saturate the popcorn ceiling too much

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  1. The painter will be rolling the ceilings as well as the walls. I will be using Behr paint because I can get it locally for a decent price. I see Behr has Premium Plus Ultra interior ceiling paint and interior stain-blocking ceiling paint. Any suggestions whether I should go with either of these or regular flat paint for the ceilings
  2. Stucco, Decks, Brick, and Masonry - Thick 3/4″ nap roller covers can hold more paint and get into the crevices of the rough surface. If you use a thin 1/4″ cover over stucco, the cover will rip apart quickly and not get paint into all the crevices. Ceilings and Drywall - Medium 3/8″ nap roller covers work best
  3. Jan 25, 2012 - Find the BEHR Premium Plus 2-Gallon Flat Smooth Finish Interior Texture Paint 100102, water-based formula great for hiding imperfections on indoor walls, trim and ceilings in living rooms from The Home Depo
  4. BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Ceiling Paint offers a stain-blocking performance not currently found in conventional ceiling paints and is designed to resist the growth of mildew on the paint surface. BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Ceiling Paint offers excellent stain-blocking action against water, ink, rust, nicotine, wood or tannin bleed and mildew stains
  5. Behr Ceiling Popcorn Texture Paint Blog Avie Behr Ceiling Popcorn Texture Paint Blog Avie. facebook twitter pinterest. Related Posts. Best Of 17 Images Diy Beginner Woodworking Projects. Simple Primitive Americana Placement. 16 Dream Small Bathroom Dimensions Photo. Stunning 22 Images Prefab Room Additions
  6. Popcorn and other textured surfaces require more paint to achieve full coverage, so plan to use twice as much of the supply as you would on a flat ceiling. Cut in around the ceiling edge with an.
  7. Removing Textured Paint vs. Ordinary Paint. Textured paint, whether it's on walls or a ceiling, is often a pain to remove. From the mess it creates to needing to repair the wall once you've.

The Best Paint for Ceilings: How to Get a Drip-Free Finish

  1. 5 professional painting tips to help you paint your ceilings like a professional painter and very fast. DIY painting tips. Come watch The Idaho Painter sho..
  2. 919-742-2030 Drywall Specialist Paint And Wallboard Contractor. Be sure to request Behr Paint, a little more expensive but worth every dime! Quality service in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary NC, Pittsboro and Chatham County, North Carolina including Chatham Park. Call today for a free no obligation estimate by a skilled, professional contractor that has provided local work for over 26 years
  3. Thinning Behr Paint. I bought some waterbased Berh paint. I want to use it in my spray gun connected to a compressor. I asked how to thin the paint and was told to use water. Flat or Semi-Gloss paint for textured ceiling??? J. June on Nov 18, 2003. Me and the wife are currently texturing our upstairs bedroom ceiling. We are doing a.
  4. Paint Worth The Valspar Duron Behr And Ralph Lauren Streaks after rolling ceiling pics painting diy chatroom streaks after rolling ceiling pics painting diy chatroom how to fix paint lines in a newly painted ceiling home guides complete guide to painting popcorn textured ceilings homeadvisor. Whats people lookup in this blog
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Interior painting using quality Behr products in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Pittsboro, Chatham County, NC including Chatham Park. Call today for a free price quote. No matter what problem you are having with your wall or ceiling on your home in Cary, NC it can be corrected and look like new again Textured ceiling painting tips you painting popcorn textured ceilings premium plus texture paint stipple texture on walls and ceilings. Behr Premium Plus Texture Paint Ceiling How To Create Stipple Texture On Walls And Ceilings Behr Premium Plus 2 Gal Ultra Pure White Ceiling Flat Interior Removing Popcorn Ceiling That Has Been Painte Jim's Drywall Repair 919-542-5336 Spraying texture on a ceiling is a great way to hide blemishes and poorly finished drywall. Quality service in Cary NC and all surrounding areas. Top quality workmanship by a skilled and experienced drywall contractor that has provided local service for over 26 years Jim's Drywall Repair 919-542-5336 Smooth ceiling and wall painting, texture removal service in Raleigh, NC and all surrounding neighborhoods. Top quality texture repair, removal and interior paint by a skilled and experienced professional drywall contractor that has provided local work for over 26 years. With a total of 46 years in the business and a do it right attitud

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  1. Quickly and easily navigate Behr Paint And Drywall Repair using this HTML sitemap. If your home was constructed using Sheetrock sooner or later you will need repair work, so jot down my phone number. Top quality workmanship by a skilled, professional contractor that has provided service in the area for over 26 years. Estimates are always free and NO JOB IS TO SMALL
  2. g, mildew resistant finish also provides excellent adhesion and water repellency on properly prepared, smooth, rough and textured masonry, stucco and brick surfaces
  3. This item BEHR 1 gal. #65501 Tan Granite Grip Interior/Exterior Concrete Paint KILZ L378601 Interior/Exterior Slip-Resistant Decorative Concrete Paint, 1 Gallon, Tan FIXALL Skid Grip Anti-Slip Paint, 100% Acrylic Skid-Resistant Textured Coating - F06510 - 1 Gallon, Color: Came
  4. Behr Premium Plus Texture Paint Ceiling Popcorn Finish No. 559-08/31/2012-Old Product liquid Behr Premium Plus Texture Paint Sand Finish No. 1002-04/05/2013-Old Produc
  5. Behr Interior Ceiling Flat Paint - 2 - 2 gallons Color - Ultra Pure White 558 Ideal for textured-popcorn and acoustic-style ceilings Covers up to 800 sq. ft
  6. Behr makes a dead flat. There is no tinting added to it, it's just the white of the base. Regular ceiling paint is very flat as well and does not require tinting. I have a tiny spot on my flat vaulted ceiling where the homeowner touched it up with an eggshell finish or something. The only problem with textured ceilings is that it seems to.
  7. Click to add item ProTex™ Interior Latex Sand Texture Wall & Ceiling Paint to the compare list. Compare Click to add item ProTex™ Interior Latex Sand Texture Wall & Ceiling Paint to the compare list. Add To List Click to add item ProTex™ Interior Latex Sand Texture Wall & Ceiling Paint to your list


Original review: Jan. 31, 2021. Hands down Behr paint is the best. I have used Behr paint in the past and I'm a customer for life. 15 years ago I bought my home for me and my 2 kids We painted our ceiling and front wall flat black with and airless sprayer and it looks great. The paint we chose for the remaining walls is made by Behr, it's a textured paint called Sandwash and the color is called Dusty Star. Color is very similar to the Kodak gray Ceiling Bright White paint color SW 7007 by Sherwin-Williams. View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. Get design inspiration for painting projects


How to Choose the Best Paint Colour for Your Ceiling (Partner post to 'The 3 Best Benjamin Moore Off-White Paint Colours'). When you're updating your wall colours, one thing usually leads to another and you often end up painting not just the walls, but the ceiling and trim as well Behr Behr is Home Depot brand paint and has their own paint with primer offering called Behr Premium Plus Ultra. This acrylic latex paint has the added benefit of having low volatile organic compounds (VOC). This paint is available in 386 exclusive, designer hues or choose from over 2000 standard Behr colors Behr paint is a premium product that uses quality fillers instead of generic ones. As a result, you get a more durable, long lasting paint. Now, as far as the downsides to using Behr paint, some professional painters have said that this paint tends to be extremely runny when you brush or roll it onto a surface Buy BEHR Premium Plus 1 gal. Ultra Pure White Semi-Gloss Enamel Zero VOC Interior Paint and Primer in One: Interior & Exterior House Paint - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase With more than 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors, a suite of digital color tools, expert painting advice, and our wide selection of paints, coatings and painting supplies, we've got everything you need to transform your favoritespace

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Behr paint currently comes in nearly 3,800 colors. Glidden only offers 282 choices of paint colors. Coverage. Behr Premium Plus Ultra is a combination paint and primer. Painting should take less time since it will take fewer coats of paint to cover a surface. Glidden promises its new formula will cover most colors in one coat The BEHR PREMIUM PLUS 5 gal. Flat Interior Ceiling Paint features a durable, splatter-resistant acrylic-latex formulation. It is designed for application on previously-painted or primed texture, popcorn and acoustic-style ceilings. The paint offers excellent coverage and resists mildew growth to help ensure that the finish remains attractive over time. Color: Ultra Pure White Behr Paint. Behr is only sold at Home Depot stores throughout the country and offers their customers a very limited selection. In fact, Behr only has 3 premier products. They include Behr Premium, Plus Ultra, and Behr Marquee. Marquee is Behr's luxury paint and like mentioned above, it's very comparable to Benjamin Moore's Aura paint Waterborne Ceiling Paint is an ultra flat finish designed to hide common ceiling imperfections for a look that is virtually flawless. Waterborne Ceiling Paint is an ultra flat finish designed to hide common ceiling imperfections for a look that is virtually flawless Best Look SIM Supply, Inc. HW36W0840-16 Best Look Latex Paint & Primer In One Matte Flat Ceiling Paint, Brilliant White, 1 Gal. HW36W0840

Textured paintsoffer matchless beautyand can provide substitute for missing texture in plaster. The textured paint finish is available in many color trends such as metallic finishes gold, silver and copper. Glossy and shiny finish of textured paintcan also be obtained. These paints can be done on walls and ceiling easily and quickly Textured Paint/Finishes Water Repellents All Walls, Ceilings & Finishes Ceiling Tile The paint and primer is available exclusively at The Home Depot in all Behr Paint color options, priced. Behr's Venetian plaster is applied with a putty knife. Wipe the plaster on the wall at a 15- to 30-degree angle relative to the floor or ceiling. Once it's dry, apply a second coat at a 60- to 90. Considering this, is Behr paint mold resistant? Mildew is a type of mold that thrives in moist places, so you're right to be thinking about it when you paint your bathroom. You don't need to spend much more for mildew-resistant paint that can fight off those fungi.One of our top scorers is Behr Premium Plus Enamel, $28 per gallon, available at Home Depot

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Texture the ceiling with thickened paint. You can mix joint compound into the paint in order to get a faux plaster look. You can buy either a mix or the prepared compound. You will likely need a great deal of the material (at least 6 lbs of the prepared compound) but how much will depend on the area you are covering and how thick you want it to be Quality of paint used: typically ceiling paint costs about 10-15% more than regular paint. You can get good quality ceiling paint starting at about $27/gallon by brands, such as BEHR. 3. Ceiling height: most ceilings are 8 ft tall. However, if your ceilings are higher, you should add about 9-10% to the total cost for each additional foot of. For a classic, scrubbable finish in low-traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms, choose BEHR Premium Plus Low Odor, Paint and Primer in 1 Flat Interior paint. This traditional flat sheen creates an all-purpose finish that covers and touches up easily. The non-reflective finish also makes it perfect for ceilings Textured Paint/Finishes Water Repellents All Walls, Ceilings & Finishes Ceiling Tile Drywall Drywall Accessories Behr aims to make paint pouring easier, eliminate the mess and rust issues of.

Interior Ceiling Paint BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Behr Pr

  1. Behr sells a sand texture paint found in the Paint department of your local THD. It's part of their textured paint line, including: sand, popcorn (used primarily for ceilings) and smooth (think knockdown or any other texture you can come up with). I believe you apply it with a Goop roller, found on the roller bay
  2. How To Make Trees Ceiling Texture How To Texture Walls Drywall Texture Stairway Walls Stairs Simple Tree Tree Carving Paper Tree More information More like thi
  3. Often, the best paint for the bathtub or shower walls and bathing surfaces is not a common paint found in the home center's paint aisle. Instead, this is a coating usually found as part of a do-it-yourself refinishing kit. Type: Use a coating that is specially designed for bathtubs, sinks, tile, and surrounds
  4. I only textured my ceiling to match the ceiling in the rest of the house. Skimcoating the ceiling or adding mud to some paint are both options in my opinion if you are dealing with small grained sand
  5. Homax - 41072040990 Easy Patch Aerosol Ceiling Texture, Popcorn, 14 oz Extend the life of stained or dingy ceilings with Rust-Oleum COVERS UP Ceiling Paint & Primer In One. This ultra-convenient product features a vertical aerosol spray that kills stains and touches up ceiling paint in a single, smooth, even blast..
  6. 20% Off Your Lowe's Advantage Card Purchase: Accounts Opened in Store: One-time 20% off discount is not automatic; you must ask cashier to apply discount (bar code) at time of in-store purchase.Accounts opened online, via Text-to-Apply or QR code: You will receive one-time 20% off coupon/promotional code, which may be used in store or online. Max discount is $100 with this offer
  7. BEHR® version providing best bathroom ceiling paint is Marque™. Which ever brand you choose, be sure it's well shaken, or mixed, as these have the most solid contents of all others. If not, you'll be in for an unfortunate surprise
BEHR Premium 1 gal

BEHR Paint Problems with Photos Professional Painting

There are two reasons to choose Glidden paint over Behr paint. First, if you're planning on painting a brick or concrete wall. Second, if you're trying to save some money. Besides those two situations, Behr is the better choice. When you use Behr, you won't have to use as many coats to fully cover the surface, Behr is a more versatile. I charge $5 a sq. ft. because its a totally different ballgame compared to paint. The 2x2 foot squares ceiling to floor has to be followed. To make this work here is what needs to be done: Tools- 3/4 inch nap roller, I like to roll out of a 5 ga. have a paint grid that falls into the bucket. You can add paint conditioner too 4 oz per gallon Dec 28, 2013 - Explore Cynthia Neubauer Royce's board Venetian Plaster Colors on Pinterest. See more ideas about venetian plaster, plaster, venetian

BEHR Premium Advanced DeckOver 1 gal

Best Ceiling Paint For Textured Ceilings - Eco Paint, Inc

As with any type of ceiling, whether it's a textured or drywall, a flat paint made for interiors is best at hiding imperfections and flaws. Additionally, choose a paint made specifically for ceilings and plan to buy about 15 to 20 percent more paint than you need to account for the extra surface area from the texture Glidden Pink to White ceiling interior paint + primer delivers quality performance at a great price. With a latex formula that goes on pink and dries white, Glidden® Pink to White Ceiling Paint is designed to help you track where you have painted for an easy ceiling-painting process

My 3-Year-Old Helped Me Paint the Family Room - ThriftNewly Textured Ceiling is Flashing - Paint TalkBEHR Premium Advanced DeckOver 1 galHow to Paint Stripes on a Textured Wall - Creative Ramblings
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