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Best Android apps for the blind and visually impaired

  1. TalkBack is an application that is part of Google's Android Accessibility Service, designed to help blind and visually impaired users with using their mobile devices
  2. RightHear is a virtual accessibility assistant that helps users to easily orient themselves in new or casual environments. Our vision is to make blind, visually impaired and other people with..
  3. Purpose The purpose of this study is to discuss the development of Android-based Intelligent Software Assistant application for visually challenged or blind people. The application is intended to..
  4. Accessible Shopping at Amazon for People with Visual Impairments The Amazon Fire tablets use a slightly modified version of the Android operating system, and they are made voice accessible using a modified version of Talkback. the Prime membership will pay for itself in cab fare and shopping-assistant savings. Prime members also receive.

The above 10 are definitely the best I could find on the Google Play Store. However, if any of those apps didn't work out for you — say due to unsupported Android version — then below are 10 more apps for the blind and visually impaired that serve a similar purpose:1. RightHear - Blind and Visually Impaired Assistant. Lazarillo GPS for. Access Note. AccessNote is a sophisticated note-taking app designed to support visually impaired students and working professionals. AccessNote is compatible with VoiceOver. Availability: iOS Aipoly Vision. Aipoly Vision utilizes artificial intelligence to help low-vision people better understand what's around them. Users point the app at an object and simply press a recognition button The shopping website is quite accessible, with an Accessibility link offering special hotkeys to assist with navigation. Check the website for local availability, or call 800-924-9206. Online grocery shopping is a rapidly changing business model. Stores that do not offer it now may begin service in a few months Smart Personal Assistant for Visually Impaired People Suman Saurav1, Ankit Roy2, Rishabh Thakur3, Shubham Mahale4 1,2,3,4Student, Sinhgad Institute of Technology Lonavala, Maharashtra Abstract-The present personal assistants are incapable of providing adequate assistance to visually impaired people. There's a need to develop a smart persona

RightHear - Blind and Visually Impaired Assistant - Apps

  1. These were some accessibility features on Android that you can use to make a smartphone more accessible for elderly and impaired people. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned! You can also follow us for instant tech news at Google News or for tips and tricks, smartphones & gadgets reviews, join GadgetsToUse Telegram Group or for the latest.
  2. People often wonder how I use my iPhone because I'm registered as blind and have no useful vision, they are usually genuinely interested and have no idea about what features that enable blind and visually impaired people to use mobile phones, computers, tablets and other devices
  3. the application is built on android, it uses pre-defined APIs for text-to-speech conversion which makes the process even more efficient. However, it doesn't recognise Text through image Google's Vision API is used. A Smart Personal AI Assistant for Visually Impaired People [7] is an application developed for android platfor
  4. Be My Eyes [21] Android, IOS It's an app that connects visually impaired people with sighted volunteers who provide virtual assistance through a live video call. Be My Eyes is available in 180.
  5. Very much helpful for visually challenged blind people to know more about product details. The application is developed in android, which a portable device and can take and use it anywhere. Text to speech with the help of voice assistant to guide at each step
  6. Voice-assistant-for-Visually-impaired-people / src / info / androidhive / speechtotext / MainActivity.java / Jump to Code definitions MainActivity Class onCreate Method onClick Method promptSpeechInput Method onDestroy Method onActivityResult Method onInit Method speakOut Method onCreateOptionsMenu Metho

Within minutes, a visually impaired person receives a reply and then rates out of 5 stars the helpfulness of the sighted. ViaOpta Hello ( iOS ) ( Android ) The Face Recognition App, Hello is a great example how we can use our knowledge and partner with tech companies to help visually impaired & blind people in their daily life to recognize the product. This can help the visually impaired person in his/her shopping trip to recognize the product he/she wants to purchase. The hardware by which we are going to present our concept is a mobile phone using an android application. Keywords: Object Recognition System. You Only Look Once This video shows the demonstration of Android voice guided system for visually impaired students. The application is designed to help visually impaired stu.. 10 best personal assistant apps for Android. The app will then help the visually impaired interact with their devices. It can recognize things like animals and people as well as things.

Aira (Android and iOS, $29 to $199 per month) - Connects highly trained agents to people with vision impairment for assistance with daily tasks, including mobility tasks such as giving directions, navigating around obstacles in a path and describing an environment in real time. You can sign up for 30 to 300 minutes of help per month LendAnEye (Visually Impaired) - LendAnEye is an app that visually challenged people can use to navigate. They use the phone's camera to make a video call and the other person will guide the Voice Assistant For Visually Impaired. This is an innovative System for visually impaired people and acts as a voice assistant for them. This system is used to help the visually impaired to have access to the most important features of the phone enhancing the quality of the system making use of different custom layouts and using speech to text voice control on android which is used to launch android application via voice commands [10]. 3. Proposed System The proposed system is to build an customized application for visually impaired people. This application acts as a voice assistant. This application is used to help the visually This video shows the demonstration of Voice Assistant For Visually Impaired which will help the visually impaired in many ways. The app is designed to work..

Android based voice assistant for blind people Request PD

You can do Mini projects on Voice Assistant for Visually Impaired System on android projects easily through the use of this application. The user interface is simpler to understand even by the common person who wants to use this application. This application can act as a personal voice assistant to blind people The only way a visually impaired person can communicate is via VOICE, keeping that in mind we implemented an intelligent voice recognition assistant for android where functionality for an individual's day to day chores are simplified. This Application ic capable of. Calling services. Text message exchange. Mail exchange and search. Alarm. Mobile apps give the blind and visually impaired a new sense of freedom. App accessibility isn't just about a facelift. It's the use of tech like AI and voice recognition to really make apps. embedded system based on Raspberry Pi board. The design is motivated by preliminary studies with visually impaired people, and it is small-scale and mobile, which enables a more manageable operation with little setup. In this project, we have proposed a text read out a system for the visually challenged

Accessible Shopping at Amazon for People with Visual

20 Android Apps For the Blind and Visually Impaire

These 5 must-have apps for the blind & visually impaired people will help them out in the different working fields like for navigation, for enlarging small text, to interact with the handset and many more like this.. Android Apps For Blind & Visually Impaired People. Here's the list of 5 great and very useful Android apps for visually impaired people Mobile-embedded Voice Assistant for Visually Impaired People Research Challenges For our specific scenario, we need to train new models for object detection because the existing pre-trained models do not include the classifiers for specific traffic signs, road signs, etc. In addition, we need to design a system for obstacle avoidance whic Google launched its Lookout app in 2019 for people who are blind or have low-vision to navigate the world with their phones, but it was only available on Pixel phones with languages set to English

GPS Voice Assistant for Visually Impaired People. Depending on the place mentioned by the Visually challenged person, The Geo-Coordinates of the destination is extracted from the Google's Firebase. Upon this comparison, the controller drives the voice playback unit for providing voice navigation to the user. Android phone to Alexa or. b2g (Braille to Go) is a first of its kind Android-powered smart device by Zone 24x7 providing the modern-day smartphone experience for the visually impaired. It lets the visually impaired use mobile applications that we take for granted like web browsers, instant messaging and social media apps These Accessibility options make Android easy for people with low vision. The addition of Voice Access to Android's accessibility options certainly makes a huge difference, when you think from the point of view of a visually impaired person. Now, he/she can easily use Android and its various apps with only their voice The Synapptic solution consists of software that can be placed on most Android smartphones or tablets to make them more accessible to individuals with low vision or who are completely blind

26 Best Apps for the Visually Impaired [2021 Edition

grocery shops now offer online shopping, they are not always available. Blind and visually impaired people that require assistance in the grocery shop are still treated as high cost customers. Developing assistive technologies and handheld devices allow the possibility of the increase in independence for the blind and visually impaired In this project, an Android launcher for visually impaired is proposed. Through this application, a visually impaired person can use most of the features of their smartphones. A visually impaired person can send and receive messages, make calls, sav

Purpose The purpose of this study is to discuss the development of Android-based Intelligent Software Assistant application for visually challenged or blind people. The application is intended to help people with visual limitations or blind people to access Android-based devices so that they can use library resources by using android devices lives. Apart from them 90% of world`s visually impaired people who live in low, middle and even in most developed countries, cataract remains the leading cause of blindness. Accessing text documents is troublesome for visually impaired people in many scenarios, such as reading text on the go and accessing text in less than ideal conditions

Accessible Grocery Shopping for People with Visual

· Improve a person's note-taking and letter-writing skills. · Master simple, yet necessary concepts. Types of Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired. The types of assistive technology vary, but there are some exclusively designed for those with low vision or visual impairment Inclusive features make Chromebooks accessible to people with disabilities. Learn how to get the most accessible experience from your laptop or tablet Lazzus is an assistant that accompanies blind and visually impaired people as they move around, creating an auditory field of vision. It points out useful things around you, such as pedestrian crossings, street intersections, stairs and businesses, helping you to get around safely and explore your surroundings more intuitively

7 Android Accessibility Features to Make Smartphones Easy

55. Object Detection and Recognition for Visually Impaired People, 56. smart shopping assistant label reading system with voice, - IJARCET, 57. Route Finding Application for Blind People - IJEDR, 58. Texture Assistive Image Reading & Voice Recognized, - THE IJES, 59. Computer Vision-based Object Recognition for the Visually Impaired, 60. The visually impaired man started a campaign on www.change.org to include Kannada as a Language in the Google Text-to-Speech Android platform — to help visually-challenged people have content read to them in their moother tongue. Siddhalingeshwar says, Being a visually-impaired person, I can read everything that is available in the books but. It is a personal digital assistant application operating on a Dell Axim 50/51 or later replaced by HP IPAQ 2490B Pocket PC, adapted for the blind and visually impaired with talking menus, talking maps, and GPS information. Fully portable (weight 600g), it offered features enabling a blind person to determine position, create routes and receive. Apparel And Merchandise For The Visually Impaired Gifts For Visually Impaired The Less We See With Our Eyes Throw Pillow, 16x16, Multicolor $19.99 $ 19 . 99 FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazo Abstract. In this paper, a personal assistant and navigator system for visually impaired people will be described. The showcase presented in-tends to demonstrate how partially sighted people could be aided by the technology in performing an ordinary activity, like going to a mall and moving inside it to nd a speci c product. We propose an.

How do blind and visually impaired people use a mobile

Folding Cane Blind Man Stick Walking Cane for Blind People - 49 inch Collapsible White Cane Mobility Aids Assist Tool Foldable Cane for The Blind and Visually Impaired Products 4.6 out of 5 stars 36 $13.99 $ 13 . 9 Other terms often used to describe people with low vision are partially sighted, visually impaired and legally blind. Causes of low vision include hereditary conditions, eye injuries and eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Whatever the origin, low vision often causes depression and feelings of isolation and helplessness Accessibility content and links for Google websites. Google Assistant The Google Assistant helps you get things done throughout your day, saving you time to focus on the things that matter most A complete list of accessible games for the blind and visually impaired Android users. Accessible games are specially designed for the people with disabilities, fully supported with screen readers or games are equipped with their own accessibility features

(PDF) Be My Eyes : Android App for visually impaired peopl

GroZi: Grocery Shopping Assistant - Soylent Grid UCSD TIES Group Project Report, Fall 2008. Marvin Tu, Phil Thai, Ryan Ferrell, Hannah Brock, Kaivalya Shah, Franco Guadarrama, Hourieh Fakourfar GroZi: Grocery Shopping Assistant - Haptic Feedback System UCSD TIES Group Project Report, Winter 2008 Movement in unfamiliar buildings is a challenge for the visually impaired. A cost-effective NFC indoor navigation system has been devised by Rosen Ivanov from Technical University, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, to aid blind people in traversing unknown buildings

Android has numerous built-in accessibility features. Below is an overview of those features. All built-in accessibility features are already available on Android mobile devices and can be activated and controlled in device Settings. Note that this information assumes that the device is running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher Hello my blind and visually impaired friends!! I am writing today to invite you to RidesForLives. A community created to focus on how we can ask ride-sharing companies such as Lyft and Uber to offer discounts to people with physical d, who otherwise do not have access to a means of transportation

Estimated statistics reveal that 285 million people are visually impaired and out of this number, 39 million people are totally blind Shopping behavior analysis The objective was to design a robotic supermarket shopping assistant for blind shoppers. Android app. Database impleme ntation. RFID devices integratin g. 2014-0901 Abstract In this paper, a personal assistant and navigator system for visually impaired people will be described. The showcase presented intends to demonstrate how partially sighted people could be aided by the technology in performing an ordinary activity, like going to a mall and moving inside it to find a specific product and visually impaired). Finally, we present the conclusion and possible avenues for future work. 2. Related Work 2.1. Assistive shopping systems Many different types of assistive shopping systems have been developed to help blind and visually impaired people grocery shop independently. For example, Robo-Cart uses a robotic shopping assistant [7]

Unfortunately, there are a number of people who find modern smartphones either too confusing or too difficult to use. Elderly people are prone to being left behind as they find it hard to adapt to rapidly changing technology. Similarly, visually-impaired folks may have difficulty operating a device that relies on hand-eye coordination Seeing Assistant is a group of assistants for every day tasks, designed for mobile devices on iOS and Android platform. Thanks to them you will perform your daily activities faster, easier and more accurately.Thanks to voice commands this applications is really easy and intuitive in usage, and you will be able to use its functions fully right away What can technology do for millions of blind and visually impaired people? We take a look at five exciting projects including assisted vision glasses, a Braille e-book reader, and a navigation app

An indoor navigation system for visually impaired and elderly people based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Inf. Sci. 320, 288-305 (2015) CrossRef Google Scholar. 4. Third Eye: a shopping assistant for the visually impaired. Computer 50(2), 16-24 (2017) CrossRef Google Scholar. 8 Assistant apps are used to perform everyday tasks with an enhanced degree of independence. They can allow a sight impaired person read printed materials like letters, magazines and menus, to recognise currency, find out the colour of an item, to identify products using a bar code reader, find out what is around you and hear descriptions of what. Visual Impaired users: Our first target audience would be visually impaired people (mainly in developed countries) who are keen to explore new types of assistive devices. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2011, there were about 60 million visually impaired people living in USA and Europe For those with mobility restrictions or the visually impaired, speech recognition has always been a big help, extending the accessibility of computer-based technologies to a much wider audience. For the consumer market, the expansion of IoT has created entire new generations of (to varying degrees) smart objects, appliances, and accessories There are 285 million visually impaired people in the world, all who want to use a mobile device. This number is growing, people are living longer and become more visually impaired in as they age

Android Based Visual Product Identification For The Blin

Visually impaired people are suffering their daily life activities such as walking, reading document, identifying object, recognizing known or unknown person, recognizing medicine, doing shopping independently, even when they go for restaurant, need third person help to read restaurant menu card CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Abstract. In this paper, a personal assistant and navigator system for visually impaired people will be described. The showcase presented in-tends to demonstrate how partially sighted people could be aided by the technology in performing an ordinary activity, like going to a mall and moving inside it to find a. Kapsys is a French company that produces phones for people with low vision and blindness in more than 20 countries, including the U.S. Their phones use the Android software and are 4G compatible. They offer four types of smartphones: Smart Vision 2; Smart Vision 2 Premium; Mini Vision Lite; Mini Vision This story has been updated. It was first published in January 17, 2020. Android phones come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But within, they all run the same basic operating system, that. 5. Android Apps ideas to help people. App for Blind And Visually Impaired people walking; Farmer app to see rate of crop in every mandies; Help the Poor - By collective books and giving free books through app; Other android app ideas. A shopping assistant

There are over 253 million blind or visually impaired people in the world. To make the world more accessible to them, we need to build tools that can work with the ever-changing environment around us. Our new Android app Lookout, coming to the Play Store in the U.S soon, helps people who are blind or visually impaired become more independent by giving auditory cues as they encounter objects. Google is developing an app it hopes will help the millions of blind and visually impaired people in the world become more independent. The web giant said Tuesday it is working on an Android app.. People with visual impairments (PVI) experience simple tasks, such as grocery shopping, to be an essential difficulty. Although the recent emergence of AI-technology has been dramatically improving visual recognition capabilities, the application to the daily life of PVI is still complex and erroneous


Locating and grasping objects is a critical task in people's daily lives. For people with visual impairments, this task can be a daily struggle. The support of augmented reality frameworks in smartphones has the potential to overcome the limitations of current object detection applications designed for people with visual impairments Because of this blind people always take help of others to buy some product. Thus blind people need some assistance to read text information of the product. In worldwide there are over 314 million visually challenged people. Therefore, we come up with the system that reads text from product labels and help blind by working as a shopping aid Android vs. iOS; Computer Monitor Buying Guide Wearable system with 3D camera makes visually impaired people more mobile a former postdoctoral researcher at MIT and now an assistant. Anthony Camu, a final year Industrial Design and Technology student, wanted to design a product that replicates a guide dog's functions for visually impaired people that fall into the latter category The experiments can be quite creative too, as with Google's prototype device designed to help visually impaired people go on runs safely by using an Android smartphone app to track painted lines on the ground and different sounds played in earbuds them what direction and how far they are away from their path

Apps and devices for blind and visually impaired people

We want everyone in the visually impaired community to experience better mobility. So, even if you don't have a WeWALK smart cane, you can still access our advanced navigation and exploration features by downloading the WeWALK Smartphone App, available on iOS and Android Android Based Currency Recognition System for. Blind . Nayana Susan Jose, Shermin Siby, Juby Abstract: There are around 285 Million people who are visually impaired worldwide . Detection of blurred images was a really. Assistive Technologies for Visually Impaired Users on Android free download application to visually impaired users 5 of the Best Mobile Apps for Users who are Blind or Visually Impaired. Apps have made life easier for many people living with blindness or a visual impairment. Being able to read things that are only in visual print, was a task that might have required a non-sighted person to seek the help of another

Android Voice Guided System for Visually Impaired Students

Best Tablet with Alexa Voice Assistant. Android 7.1. 8 inches. $120. Apple iPad Mini 2. Most Affordable Apple Tablet Apple iPadOS 7. 8 inches. $120. Amazon Fire 10 HD. Best Amazon Tablet for Seniors. Amazon Fire OS. 10 inches. $150. Apple iPad. Best Tablet for the Visually Impaired. Apple iPadOS 11. 10 inches. $330. Microsoft Surface Go. Best. Online Shopping. The Internet makes it possible for everyone to shop from the comfort of their home. This can be a convenient alternative for people who are blind or visually impaired. Thanks to computer accessibility, it is now possible for people with visual impairments to browse the web independently Download Android Accessibility Suite, including the Accessibility Menu, Select to Speak, Switch Access, and TalkBack. Android Accessibility Suite is built in to many Android devices. Review Android..

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Yes, visually impaired people can cook! It's unreal the amount of people who think people with low/no usable vision cannot cook. There are many techniques and methods the VI community use to. Well as a visually impaired person if you are new we use this software for android google talkback and for samsung users voice assistant and for iphone voice over that's how get around and to our smartphones and don't you worry if you're asking for my help i will not broke your smartphone or anything i will try to help you as much as possible. Seeing Assistant home is a comprehensive application, which consists number of modules connected by a convenient and intuitive interface working along with the VoiceOver program. The module that recognizes bar codes allows you to not only to read the code from the box, but also trough access to the internet, provides information on the product. There are other methods for visually impaired people to read websites, said Luke Scriven, assistant technology manager at Chicago Lighthouse, an organization that works with the visually impaired Google announced that now it's possible to use Google Assistant with third-party apps on Android phones. So, Android users will be able to search and control their third-party apps when they ask. Google announced a variety of useful Android features that will be available to users in the near future. The new features target several Google apps and services and are available in different.

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